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Candace - Sanctuary

I was thrown out to fend for myself and for over 3 weeks I tried to survive, I was not very good at it, but I tried!!! Finally, a woman saw me in her backyard so she closed her gate so I could not get away, so I showed her, I climbed on her roof!! The fire department got me down and I was taken to the Portage County Animal Control to serve my stray time. I was terrified and was not doing well so after my stray time was up a really nice woman (Jenn) started calling rescues and when she contacted Harlequin Haven, they said they would take me but needed transport!! She agreed to drive me the 4 hours to the rescue. That same day Rita from the shelter called and asked the rescue if they would take me. Rita was delighted to hear that Jenn had already spoken to HHGDR and was willing to drive me to Harlequin Haven so she contacted Jenn and between the two of them they made all the arrangements!! On Friday I went to the vet and was spayed, and on Sunday morning I got into the car with Jenn for the 4-hour drive! Jenn found out that I am sorta a back seat driver, I do not like curves, and I like to go fast!! I settled in pretty quickly here at the rescue!! I have a soft bed; tons of toys and I am getting fed small meals every few hours!! I have 2 roommates Bryan & Bryce they just arrived last week!

I want to thank Jenn and Rita with the Portage County Animal Control as well as all the Animal Control officers for making sure I got safely to Harlequin Haven and for all the great toys, treats and even medicine that I came with!!! Thank you for caring!!!

Update 12/17: I am feeling much better and have gained all but maybe 2 or 3 pounds. I love all the toys I have, and I love playing with Bryce. Bryan does not want to play he just wants to snuggle in his blankets because he does not have much hair! Grandma keeps telling us about some old fat guy named Santa Claus, but I think she has a few screws loose!! First off, he cannot come down the chimney cause we ain't got one!! Plus, why would he give us toys and treats if he does not know us!! Heck my previous owners did not even bother to feed or love me so why would some stranger care?? Oh well Bryce is so excited cause he wants more toys! Personally, I am thankful for my warm bed and blankets, food 3 times per day plus treats and the toys I already have. I say be thankful for what you have!

Update 1/15: Well, if you watch the rescues Facebook page you will see I was a bad girl!! I am having issues getting over the abuse and neglect I had received prior to going to Portage County Animal Control. Grandma and the volunteers kept telling me I was safe but sorry, I have trust issues with humans. I LOVE Bryce and Bryan and I even like the cats, but I am afraid that humans will hurt me. So first I moved to Grandma's house but Ari did not like me. So, a couple of the volunteers said I could stay with them for a while. So, on Friday the 13th they came and got me and took me to their house. Well within minutes of arriving I found a tiny gap in the fence, and I was out of there!! I admit I did not think before running and oops I did not remember how to get back to their house. PLUS, it was oh so cold!!! So, the next day I went to several houses, but no one would open their doors, so I then went to this busy road, and no sooner did I get there, and this wonderful Police Officer pulled up and opened her door and I jumped in!!!  My mommy told us puppies if we ever needed help to find a Police Officer and they would get us to safety!! Well, the dog wardens had helped me before and this time it was a pretty car with flashing lights and everything!! It was sooooo warm inside the patrol car!!! So, the officer took me back to the police station and called the volunteers to come for me!! I really felt special and cared for when the volunteers showed up!!

Okay I still have a long way to go with the issue of trust but ya know I think I will work a bit harder at trusting humans!! Maybe they all are not bad!! I want to take a moment and thank Officer Melinda McIntosh with the Springdale Ohio Police Department, Lost Pet Recovery and my foster family for all they have done to help me. Hummmm guess there are quite a few good humans in this world!

Update 2/05: I am still a LONG ways from being ready for adoption but I am slowly learning to trust my foster family!! I especially love their Dane Ledger he was adopted from Harlequin Haven a few years ago and he plays with me PLUS he has tons of toys he shares with me (I LOVE TOYS)!

Update 5/14: Well I continue to struggle with being around humans! I love my foster mom most of the time but foster dad is really really tall and he moves around a lot! Although I do love to help him when he is mowing the grass!

Update 7/29: After many months of attempting to live with humans with plans of being adopted in the future we all have come to the conclusion that I will never be adoptable. I will stay here as a santuary dog where I know I will be safe.

Please can you spare a few dollars to help the Rescue continue to help me and other Danes like me? It would be greatly appreciated. Without the Rescue who knows where we would have ended up!!
Thanks, Candace


Date of Birth: 11/2021         
Description: female, brindle-merle, natural ears

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