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Adoptable Dogs

*A fenced yard is required to adopt a dog!
Invisible and electric fences are NOT acceptable, fenced area must attach or surround the area where the dog will be housed and exit into the fenced area.

Our adoption area is Ohio and extreme Northern Kentucky. I am sorry we do NOT adopt out of our area, if you are unsure if you are in our area check out FAQ.  If you are in an area other than these, you should contact a rescue in your area. We will NOT return phone calls or emails to people not in our adoption area!

Click here for our Adoption Procedures and Application

Adoption Fees
$300 for 6 months and under.
$250 for 7 months to 4 years of age.
$150 for 4 years to 6 years.
$100 for 6 years and up.

Horses Adoption Fee                        

A must to read before picking your forever Dane!
Black is Beautiful & Our Time Will Come

 We do NOT accept applications for dogs that are not ready for adoption.

Our website is updated every week.

This page was update 6/18/2024

If the Dog is listed it is still available for adoption

Name DOB Comments
Walker 6/24/2023 Great Dane     
Brindle, natural ears.
Uri 7/2023 Great Dane     
Mismarked Mantle, natural ears.
Porter 3/2023 Great Dane Mix     
Black with white marks, natural ears, blind.
Waylon 11/2022 Great Dane      
Fawn, black mask, natural ears.
Asher 2/2022 Great Dane    
Black with white marks, natural ears.
Einstein III 4/01/2020 Great Dane
Blue, cropped ears.

Name DOB Comments
Alina 11/2/2020 Great Dane           Not Ready at this time
Black with white marks, natural ears.
Alexa 4/1/2020 Great Dane           Not Ready at this time
Merle, natural ears.


Any breeders listed above either:

x* Refuse to be responsible for them while in rescue or ignored our letters/emails.

** We have been unable to locate them.

*** Rescue received dog directly from breeder or has received dogs in the past directly from breeder.

**** Rescue felt it was in the best interest of the dog not to contact breeder, puppies were sold to a pet store, broker or USDA breeders.

***** We have dealt with this breeder in the past and they refused to be responsible for the dogs at that time.

****** Rescue felt it was in the best interest of the dog not to contact breeder, puppies were sold at a dog auction.

x We have sent the breeder a letter and are awaiting their response.

*x* Breeder responded, but declines to support Rescue's care and adoption.

xx Breeder is a USDA licensed breeder, who sells to pet stores and/or brokers

xxx Breeder charged with cruelty

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