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Adoption  Procedures

Basic Information

Our adoption area is Ohio and extreme Northern Kentucky  We do not adopt to any other areas, no exceptions. For exact area go to FAQ.

To find a dog in your area, please contact a rescue in your area.

All of our rescue dogs are spayed and neutered prior to adoption. All vaccinations, including rabies and lyme, are given. They have been wormed, checked for heartworm, lyme disease & ehrlichia, and placed on heartworm preventative.  

All dogs are kept for a minimum of one month for temperament evaluation and to be house trained. Please do NOT call the rescue asking questions about dogs marked not ready for adoption, these phone calls will not be returned.

We require a fenced yard, fence must be at least 4 feet tall (48 inches) and must attach or surround with direct access to the building where the dog will be housed, NO Exceptions. Invisible and electric fences do NOT meet the requirements of a fenced yard. A yard of adequate size, to be determined on an individual basis.

All pets in the home must be altered and current on vaccinations prior to applying to adopt. Adopter must be at least 21 years of age at time of application. In some rare cases apartments and condos may be acceptable if they have direct access to a fenced area for the dog to relieve themselves. Apartments and Condos to be determined on an individual basis. If you live in a condo you must send us a copy of your condo association rules as well as the contact number for the condo association. We do not place puppies and young Danes in apartments or condo's.

We do not accept checks or credit cards.

If you are in the process of installing a fence,  PLEASE DO NOT submit application until the yard is securely fenced.

If you are in the process of moving or are planning to move, PLEASE DO NOT submit your application until after you have moved and settled into your home.

We are located east of Cincinnati, outside the town of Hamersville.

Purebred Adoption fees:
$300 for 6 months and under.
$250 for 7 months to 4 years of age.
$150 for 4 years to 6 years.
$100 for 6 years and up.

Mixed breed Adoption fee:

We have many deserving dogs of all ages and color for adoption at this time.


1. You will need to fill out the online application and submit a $10.00 application fee thru PayPal. You do not have to have a PayPal account, PayPal accepts any major credit card.

Once the application is submitted you will receive an email about paying your application fee and reminding you to call your vets office to release your vet records.

Answer all questions honestly, accurately and completely an incomplete application is reason for refusal to adopt. Out of our adoption area applications will NOT be processed. Applications will not be accepted on dogs that are NOT ready for adoption.  If you are interested only in a dog listed as NOT ready for adoption PLEASE wait till the page is updated and the dog is marked ready for adoption. Application fee is non-refundable. This part of the adoption process may take up to 3 weeks (due to the Pandemic and lack of volunteers). Please do not submit an application until you are ready to adopt.

2. A volunteer will call or e-mail to let you know if we have a dog that would work in your home at this time. If we have a dog that would work in your home then an appointment will be set to come and view the dogs. We are open Saturdays by appointment ONLY.

3. With an appointment, you may come to view up to 3 dogs. All family members and dogs living in the home are required to come for this visit. This better enables us to help you find the perfect dog for you home and family. If you find a dog you wish to adopt, there is a 1 week waiting period which will allow you time to think about what you are doing prior to adopting.

4. If you decide to adopt and your application is approved, you will be given an appointment to return to the Rescue to adopt.

Suggested Reading Prior to Adopting

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So You Want a Puppy for Your Child?

Thank you for considering adopting a dog from Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue.  Harlequin Haven has been in the rescue business for over 20 years and during that time has experienced many different situations with the application process. The purpose of the application is to cover as many of these situations as possible.  We ask that as you think about and move through our application process, you realize that our only concern is for the wonderful dogs that have been placed in our care. There are many different reasons why these dogs have found their way to our Rescue.  Several have suffered horrible abuse.

Our goal and responsibility is to place them in safe, loving, forever homes.  Even though every question on the application may not pertain to you and your circumstances, and even though the application may seem long and involved, we ask that you please take the time to answer each question to the best of your ability.  We have many wonderful dogs awaiting adoption and need as much background information as possible help us find the best match for you. 

Warning: Cats and Dogs live on and about Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue Premises. If you are allergic to cats or dogs, it is your responsibility to take reasonable safeguards. We do not have trained first aid or medical trained personnel onsite. We are not responsible for all allergic reactions. You assume any and all risks when coming onto Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue Property.

Please read all articles contained in Canines & Humans prior to submitting your application.


To find a rescue or shelter in your area, please check out our list of other rescues

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