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Types of Fences

A secure fenced yard is a great way to exercise your dog. But what type of fence should you get? Here are some pros and cons associated with fence types:

Chain Link-Wire: These fences can be a good option but there are some factors to consider. First, many people have a four foot chain link fence. Consider that many Danes & Saints can easily climb or jump a 4-foot fence of any type. Higher is much better! Also, chain link leaves your dog visible to theft so be sure to supervise your dog while he is in the fenced yard. Danes & Saints are smart and can learn to open the latches that are used on chain link fences--so make sure the gate is securely closed. Chain link fences do not block your dog's view, leading to fence fighting or barking at neighbors.

Privacy-Wood Fence: These fences are generally the best option. Make sure the wood is sturdy and there are no loose slats. Again, secure gates are very important. It is best to watch your dog because many dogs dig and are capable of digging under any fence.

Invisible Fence: These fences are currently receiving a lot of hype from the companies that sell them. What they don't tell you is the downside of these fences. Invisible fences use a sensor collar on the dog's neck, which shocks the dog when it goes close to an underground buried wire. This is supposed to stop the dog from crossing the boundary of the yard. What the manufacturers don't tell you are how many humane societies are reporting increased numbers of stray animals found with these collars on them. Many dogs will run right through the boundary if the incentive is great enough (a passing cat or dog). The electronic fence offers no protection from theft or an attacking dog. Your dog is completely vulnerable. There have been reports of the collars malfunctioning and dogs being repeatedly shocked and traumatized. The sensor collars also need batteries--what if the battery dies and your dog runs out of your yard and is hit by a car? Our opinion is that an electronic fence is not a good option for your dog.

Fences should be locked to prevent maintenance people, children, or others from leaving the fence gate open. Many times dogs escape from a fenced yard through a gate that was left open accidentally.

And remember, whenever you have your dog out of your fenced yard, keep it on a leash. While it is easy to get a false sense of confidence that your dog will stay by your side, do you want to risk that one time he or she may run out in front of a moving vehicle? Just remember-- LEASHED IS LOVED!!!!

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