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So You Want a Puppy for Your Child?
Written by a homeless Dane at HHGDR.

Why do you want a puppy for your child instead of me, a mature Dane? So the puppy can bite your children and chew up their toys? Heck if you want that, I am sure I could do that for you. Do you want a puppy to piddle and poop on the floor? I am sure I could do that too! Oh that's right, if I piddle or chew or bite I am a BAD DOG!! But when a puppy does it then it is cute!! Well at least until the puppy grows a little, then what??? Then you dump the puppy just like my owners have dumped me?

Why not get a dog that has already learned what you really want from a well-adjusted family member? Oh that's right, you want the puppy to grow with the child--who cares if it makes the child's and puppy's life miserable! After all every child needs a puppy right?

Ya know I have been at Rescue for a long time and I have seen the people come and say the same old thing--"I don't want a dog that has issues--I want a puppy so I can train it to be MY dog!"

Well, I have news for you, even puppies have issues but most of them are caused by people like you that are too blinded by the old saying you cannot teach an old dog new tricks!!

I have learned a lot of new tricks since I have been at Rescue. I have learned to be a family companion and a loved member of the family. I have learned to give and receive love with no conditions. What more do you want?


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