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I was bred to be a show dog.  I had the looks but no desire.  When I failed at that, I was then sold as a breeding dog.  Well, to be honest, I did not like being a mom as I am to much of a child myself.  So I was again returned to the breeder and this time I was given away free to a good home.  Well that was a joke!!!  This time I was taken from my owner by the dog warden because my owner was allowing the other dogs to attack me and I was being starved.  My collar was imbedded in my neck and I was 30 - 40 pounds underweight when the dog warden took me.  My owner agreed to release me if they did not press charges against her.  When I arrived at rescue I had a lot of emotional problems from the abuse and neglect.  But they, unlike others in my past, did not give up on me they kept working with me and well today I have a GREAT Dad!!!  He loves me so much and I love him too!!

Dad decided I needed a little brother to keep me company so now I have Jake, he too was adopted from the rescue!

Okay now dad decided I needed another brother!!  Good thing he is cute! His name is Baba he was also adopted from HHGDR.

I had little desire to live when I arrived at rescue

My hip bones were sticking out, and I had cuts all over my body.

My neck was starting to heal when I came to rescue.

Look how sad I am in this picture.

Now this is a proud and happy girl!!  I was ready for a new family!

My first vacation I am working on my suntan!

Dad and friends and of course me enjoying our vacation.

Who said I needed a baby brother???

Before Jake I had both beds!!

He is cute though!!

That's right I am the boss so I am in front!

Okay boys lets go back to the house!

Free to a bad home. 2 little brothers!!

Another sunny day!!

Ladies first boys!

The warm sun feels good!!

I love car rides!!

NO you can not have any of my cake Jake!!!

Daddy bought us a new home!!

I love my new fireplace!

Listen squirt I am the boss in this house!!

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