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ADOPTED: WOW!!! Grandma told me that a family was coming to meet and adopt me I just figured she was trying to get me to behave. BUT, they came and even though the first thing I did was told their dog Valentin (he was adopted from Harlequin Haven too) I was the boss they still adopted me!!! I love attention so this is going to be a perfect home for me!! Plus, Grandma told my new mommy that I love cucumbers and my new mommy said she would share hers with me!!! Hummm, I wonder how long it will take me to train my new family??

My first family portrait!! Life is wonderful!!

Before Pictures & My Story Below

I am looking for a forever home! I was purchased from a backyard breeder and than my owners gave me away to one of their friends who lived in an apartment with several other dogs and well I guess you figured it out I am now homeless again!!  Grandma said I have to relax and so far that is really easy!! I have tons of toys and other Danes to play with and every time we go outside and come back inside there are either treats or food waiting for us!! I love food!!  Well although I love playing on the computer Vanna Mae said it is time to go play so see ya!!
Update: I am ready to find my forever home!!! Grandma says I am too smart for my own good so I do need to find a very smart family!  I love to counter surf and to give sloppy kisses especially when I get caught! I play too rough for small dogs so sorry no little dogs in my forever home! Cats are okay as long as they are fast. I love toys so the more I have the happier I will be!! Okay so do you think you could be my forever family????
Update 8/24: Hey just giving you a quick update!! I am staying at Grandma's house so that I learn to live with small dogs and I am doing great!! I also have included some new pictures below!! Okay time is up I gotta go play, no time for this computer stuff!!
Update 3/03: Yes I know I am supposed to update my webpage more often, but hey I am too busy playing with toys to do work!! On a good note I am getting better at counter surfing, PLUS when I do I make sure I do not get caught!! I LOVE toys especially ones that squeak!! I am a good girl though I do not tear up my toys! I love to play with the other dogs but I can be a bit rough so little dogs probably are not a good thing! Check out my new pictures below! Okay, well I have updated my page so I gotta go play with Penelope!!
Update 5/31: Check out my new picture. Honest I did not see any mud!!
Update 7/10: Wow can you believe I have been here over a year!!! I still counter surf but only to get dog treats, I love dog treats!! I still am not great at sharing toys, I really love having them all to myself  but I am learning. We got a few new pictures last week so check mine out below!! I am sooooo beautiful, just ask me and I will tell you!! It was too hot to be out in the sun so I just laid in the shade!!



5/31 7/03

Date of Birth: 6/2020      
Description: female, merlequin, natural ears

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