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Felina - Sanctuary

I am not sure about Felisa, my fur companion saved with me from that horrible house of neglect, but I do know I have NEVER known true love or proper care. You can see from my intake pictures that my skin is a mess from fleas, ticks, and mange. You can also see the toll lack of food and proper care has taken on my size. I am small for my age and only weighed 48 pounds when saved by our heroes, the Dog Wardens from Portage County. As if my weight and skin aren't enough, my right eye is abnormally small and they believe I am blind in that eye and perhaps vision  and hearing impaired as well.  Grandma told me that she will make an appointment for us to get a Baer test at the University of Cincinnati Fetchlab to assess our hearing, just like she has done for other Danes in the past. Of course, I am so happy to be here that, well, I am not holding still long enough for them to check much out. Although we are quarantined in a separate area, the other dogs at Harlequin Haven are letting us know that we are safe, we will heal both physically and emotionally, and our new life starts now.  My tail can't stop wagging!
Update: I just thought I would let you all know how I am doing. I now weigh 62 pounds!! I have gained 14 pounds, I also am not as itchy as I was!! Today I had a spa day, I got my nails done, my ears cleaned and had a long luxurious bath with a great massage!! It was great!!! It has been a very eventful day so I am going to bed!!  Oops almost forgot check out my new picture below.
Update: I just love to play on the puter!!!! So grandma said I could give you another update!!  I now weigh 75.4 pounds, I have gained 13.4 pounds!!! My skin is doing much better too, although I am still not 100%! I also got to have another spa day yesterday and WOW do I love spa days!!! Life is great!! Well gotta go play!!
Update: I have wonderful news!! I have gained all my weight and I no longer have mange!!! PLUS, I NOW am ready for find my forever home!!! Oh yeah before I forget, I will not be having a Baer test everyone that has spent time with me agrees I am deaf.
Update 11/21: Thought you would like so see a couple new pictures of me!! I am a very healthy and happy girl and I love to run, jump and play but I sure do love snuggle time too!!! Check out my new pictures below!!

Update 6/24: Well it has become apparent that after 2 years no one wants to adopt a deaf and sight impaired Dane! But that is okay cause my Grandma and Grandpa love me and told me I can become a sanctuary dog and live my life with them!! I love sleeping on the couch!!! Check out my new picture below!

Please can you spare a few dollars to help the Rescue continue to help me and other Danes like me? It would be greatly appreciated. Without the Rescue who knows where we would have ended up!!
Thanks, Felina






Date of Birth: 9/28/2014       
Description: female, merlequin, natural ears - Deaf & sight impaired

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