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People often ask if there are dogs in Heaven. I can tell you for sure, we were living in hell! As you can see from my picture, we were fed barely enough to keep us alive. If fact, one of us did not even survive; his body was found rotting in a closet. Adding to the misery of starvation, we were also covered in fleas, blood bulging ticks, and sores from mange. Lucky for us, Children's Services had been called to check the living conditions for the little humans in the house. They immediately called the Portage County Dog Warden who came and saved us. Once our owner signed the release the shelter contacted Harlequin Haven to come for us. I want to send sloppy kisses to say, "Thank  you" to the Portage County Dog Warden and the Assistant Dog Warden for saving our lives. Had they not shown up, I am sure we would have met the same grisly end as our canine companion in the closet. 

As you can see from my pictures below I am very emaciated and, let's face it,  my skin is a disaster.  I weighed only 97 pounds when  the dog warden found us. Grandma at Harlequin Haven explained that I have a long way to go before I am healthy and can start looking for my forever home. But she promises a home that will love me, feed me, and care for me as I deserve. Until then, I know one thing is sure. I am more comfortable than I have been for a long time. I am being carefully fed to regain my weight, my bed is comfy, I have TOYS, and I love air conditioning!

Morning update: Wow, I have never had anyone pay such close attention to me! Grandma has been in to check on us a lot, observing us and writing things down. She is concerned that we may be vision and/or hearing impaired so she is making an appointment for us at University of Cincinnati Fetchlab, where she has taken other dogs for a Baer hearing evaluation. I bet that costs a lot of money! But the other dogs outside our window at Harlequin haven have told us that, even though veterinarian and specialty services like hearing tests are not donated services, Grandma will be sure we have all the care we need to become healthy, happy Great Danes.

Update: I have great news!!! I now weigh 118.6 pounds!!! I have gained over 20 pounds!!! Of course I still have a long ways to go but it just shows what food, proper care and lots of love will do!! Yesterday I had a spa day and it was fabulous, I especially loved the massage and bath!! Grandma says we can have spa days as often as we want, I may ask for one every week!! Check out my new pictures below, although I am a long ways from being ready for adoption you can see that I have gained weight and my skin is not as red and itchy!!

Update: I only gained 10 pounds this time, but grandma said it is because I feel so much better and have been running and playing so much!  I really like to run and play especially with the volunteers! I also got to have a spa day again yesterday. I can not believe how much better they make me feel!

Update: I have gained all my weight, I now weigh 135 pounds!! I no longer have mange and life is wonderful!!! Neither Felina or I will be going to have the Baer test, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that we are both deaf. I am NOW ready for adoption!! I am a very sweet, loving and gentle girl and would love a wonderful forever home that will help me to forget the cruelty that I have seen in my life!! Check out my  new pictures below!!!

Please can you spare a few dollars to help the Rescue continue to help me and other Danes like me? It would be greatly appreciated. Without the Rescue who knows where we would have ended up!!
Thanks, Felisa




Date of Birth: 6/2012      
Description: female, white with merle mark, natural ears - Deaf & sight impaired
HHGDR Suggests: Obedience Class, crate. Must have hearing dog in home
Good With: Dogs, Cats, Adults, Children

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