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Mozart Dane: Art with a Mission

Mozart Dane's Paintings

Artist Statement: I am the Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue Spokesdog against puppy mills pet stores, and homeless dogs. I have dedicated my life to this cause and in doing so I create art by painting with my paws.  Painting helps me to overcome my pain of my early days in a puppy mill and also helps with bringing awareness to these issues.

All proceeds go to helping the homeless dogs and awareness. I also believe in helping others and have donated several of my paintings. Below are a few of my paintings that are now for sale.

Many wonderful people have been purchasing my paintings click here to see my sold paintings.

Since 2007 I have had several gallery shows and participated in art festivals. See my events page to see where I've been. I was one of the June 2007 featured Artists for the Mac Worthington Art Gallery in Columbus, Ohio. Click here to see more of My Paintings on the Mac Worthington Art Gallery Website.

Artist History: Mozart was purchased at the Ohio Amish Dog Auction but was discarded soon after at a county dog pound. As a "product" of a Mennonite dog breeder, Mozart was terrified and didn't know what to expect of humans and life outside a cage--he had been raised as livestock rather than as a pet. Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue came to Mozart's rescue by offering him a safe and healthy environment with lots of love.

Details: These paintings are on stretched canvas and painted with acrylic paint. None are framed. To purchase a painting email mozart@hhdane.org. Shipping is not included in the price. Please include your zip-code for shipping cost. You may use PayPal to purchase a Mozart Painting.

Disclaimer from Mozart: The artwork you are looking at may or may not have some defects including dog hair in paint, cracks in paint, drips or running of paint. Please remember I am a dog doing my best to spread awareness of the plight of dogs in puppy mills and homeless dogs in rescue. I am not perfect. Just as the world is not perfect, neither is my art work. After all this is not a perfect world or there would be no need for rescues because there would be no puppy mills or homeless dogs. Due to the limitations of technology, colors seen on your monitor may not exactly match the color of the item.

Painting are in alphabetical order
Click on painting to see larger version

Thinking of giving a Mozart Painting as a gift but can't decide which one to give? We have the answer!
We NOW have gift certificates available!!

This page was updated 01/30/2024


A-Mo-thyst In The Sand
18x24 $175

Budding Scarlet
Paw-mpernel Flowers
12x12 $100

Dane Mo-saic
11x14 $120

Dane Sherbet
11x14 $115

Dane-gazer Lily
16x20 $150

Endless Paw-sibilities
24x36 $400

It'snot A Mo-rage
18x24 $215

Lazy Day In The
18x24 $215

Mo's Memories Of Mom
18x24 $275

Mo-adow Of Wildflowers
22x28 $275

Mo-hican Desert
12x12 $100

Mo-jave Desert
18x24 $275

My Sense Of Hu-Mo-r
16x20 $155

Nothing In
18x24 $150

11x14 $140

Paw-litical Animal
24x36 $400

Paw-tersweet Vine
11x14 $110

Paw-thorne Berries
18x24 $175

Shades Of Paw-tumn
16x20 $175

Stormy Night In
Mo-jave Desert
11x14 $115

24x36 $400

Vaccinium Mo-real
11x14 $145

Total: 22 paintings.
To purchase a painting email mozart@hhdane.org  Shipping is not included in the price. Please include your zip-code for shipping cost. You may use paypal to purchase a Mozart Painting.
Layaway is NOW available!!-
To pay using PayPal Please click on the donate button below.

People are snapping up Mozart's paintings
click here to see the paintings he has sold

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