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Mozart Dane: Art with a Mission

Puppy Mills
written by Mozart a homeless Dane

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I was lying next to Grandma while she watched a video on the computer--listening to it made me sick! This news video was about the Ohio Puppy Mills.

Most are run by the Amish, and according to an investigator, there are more puppy mills in Ohio than any other state--and they have worst conditions than any others in the United States. Now you ask why does this matter to me? I will tell you why! I am homeless and I was the product of a puppy mill. Scroll down for more on puppy mills and my story.

To read my story click here > Mozart

Don't think when you see that poor little puppy in the pet store that you are doing something great by buying that puppy. Yes, you may be helping that one puppy but by doing so you are lining the pockets of the breeders (puppy millers), the middle man (Hunte Corporation), and the pet store.

Every time a puppy sells, they know they can breed or buy one more litter because someone will buy their puppies because they feel sorry for them. It is no different than giving a drug addict drugs--you are an enabler! The parents of these poor puppies are abused and neglected and by buying from them you are also guilty in my opinion of the abuse and neglect being inflicted on these dogs!!

I was sold at a auction in Holmes County and dumped just days later. Did the people buying me think they were doing me a favor? Well, I am happy that I am alive and at the Rescue with people that truly care about me but I am scarred for life because of what I have been through! I am sure though that my breeder has had many litters since mine and they have been scarred for life as well and my poor parents are suffering every time they take a breath!

I would rather had the person teach my breeder a lesson and maybe if he lost enough money because he could not sell puppies that he would get out of the puppy breeding business!!

Whether you buy directly from the breeder or at an auction or even at a pet store you are enabling the breeder to continue abusing and neglecting the dogs and puppies!!

Did you know that in Holmes County alone that there are 470 licensed puppy mills? Holmes County has a population of approximately 39,000 people, in the neighboring county of Tuscarawas there are 436 licensed puppy mills with a population of approximately 90,000. How many puppies are they producing? Do you think there are forever homes for everyone of these puppies, PLUS all the others being bred by backyard breeders?

Dogs and puppies die every day in animal shelters across the country yet breeders continue to breed because people continue to buy! Don't you all see that YOU are the reason we dogs are here at the Rescue? NO maybe you did not put us here directly, but every time you buy a puppy and a homeless dog goes unadopted YOU are killing a dog!

The rescues can only save so many and it takes people to adopt us for the rescue to be able to save another life. But how can the rescues continue when the puppy mills are supported by you?

Please do me and all the homeless dogs a favor! Do NOT support breeders! Do NOT support pet stores such as Petland that sell puppies . Please help the homeless and help put them out of business!

To read about other puppy mill dogs click on their names





Mozart ask you to boycott the following businesses that support Puppy Mills and the abuse & neglect of Dogs! Please don't just boycott let them know why you will not be doing business with them!!

Nutro Pet Food

Coastal Pet Products


Last night I viewed another video this time about the Buckeye Dog Auction it brought back haunting memories of my past.
Please help me to voice our concerns to the Holmes County Commissioners or call (330) 674-0286 or Fax: (330) 674-0566

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