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Separation Anxiety

Does this case of canine Jekyll and Hyde sound familiar?  When you're home, you dog is very well behaved.  Leave your dog alone at home, however, and your lovable canine barks, whines, or turns destructive: chewing furniture, digging at the door, scratching the floor, and soiling rugs. If so, it is unlikely that you have a "bad dog".  Rather, your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety--a very real but often misunderstood behavioral disorder.

Separation anxiety is defined as a dog's extreme distress response to separation from an attachment figure, typically its owner.  It often manifests itself in behaviors such as excessive barking, destructive behavior, or soiling floors and carpets whenever the individual to which the dog is attached leaves the house.

Diagnosis and treatment are very important because the signs of separation anxiety may worsen over time.  In fact, there are severe cases in which dogs have jumped through plate glass windows or broken their teeth attempting to reunite with their owners.  Because dogs with separation anxiety are truly suffering and can do real harm to themselves, treatment is the only humane option.

Unfortunately, separation anxiety is an often misunderstood disorder.  Many dog owners, unaware that their pet has the disorder, attach human motivations, such as spite, to their pet's actions and punish their dog for its behavior.  Experts agree, however, that punishment is the worst response and can actually heighten the dog's anxiety and make the problem worse.

Relief is now available in the form of Clomicalm (clomipramine hydrochloride) Tablets, the first behavioral medication approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of separation anxiety in dogs. It is used as part of a plan, which includes Clomicalm Tablets and simple guidelines for owner interaction with the dog. Clomicalm can visibly relieve the suffering associated with separation anxiety. Improvement in dogs can be seen within a month or less after treatment begins.

Treatment of the disorder includes both medication and behavior training techniques.

Because every dog's response to behavior training is different, veterinarians will evaluate dogs individually and recommend the proper course and length of treatment. Clomicalm tablets are not tranquilizers or sedatives, nor do they alter a dog's personality.

The tablets come in three sizes and are available by prescription only through veterinarians.  Dog owners who suspect that their pet may have separation anxiety should make a special appointment to see their veterinarian.

Please read Cybil's story and know that with time and patience you too can work through this problem.

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