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Max - Adopted

I was playing on a busy highway in Akron, Ohio, when a car driving by hit me and broke my leg. The driver cared enough to take me to the Metropolitan Veterinary Clinic to try to get me help. The clinic contacted my owners but they, who I thought loved me as much as I loved them, refused to help!

The nice people at the clinic said I could stay a couple of days under their "Good Sam" program, but someone else would have to take responsibility for me. The next day the clinic contacted HHGDR, and together arranged for me to be under the Rescue's care and to go directly to the Care Center in Cincinnati to see Dr. Steve Schrader to see what can be done.

Now can you explain to me why my owners would not get me medical treatment but all these strangers are willing to help me?? I just do not understand. I am a sweet boy and just want a quiet life with a family that loves me. I have a lot of love to give! If I had been in a fenced yard and been a house pet, I would not be facing surgery and the decision of whether or not to amputate my leg!!  Now I'm here at the Care Center worrying I may lose my leg! I hurt so bad and am so scared!! Please help me!!!

Update 11:00 10/06/04: Max had his surgery this afternoon, and he like Ben, now has a plate in his leg. He had 3 breaks but luckily none punctured through the skin, so his recoup from the surgery should be much easier. Unfortunately, we were not told that he had a pneumothorax (a hole in the lung letting air leak into the chest cavity). As best as the surgeons could tell this was also a result of Max being hit by the car. At this time they are removing the air from the chest cavity but if this does not heal he will need a chest tube tomorrow. Please keep Max in your prayers.

Update 10/07/04: I visited Max this AM he was doing wonderfully!! They x-rayed his chest again this evening and will reexamine him tomorrow morning. If he continues to improve he will be released to come home tomorrow. Please keep praying for Max.

Update 10/08/04: I finally arrived at the Rescue early this afternoon! I even have a roommate his name is Ben and he has a plate in his leg just like me!! I can not believe how much my life has changed in less then a week! I am just happy that the Rescue agreed to take me and save my leg when my owners did not even care if I lived or died. I know the Rescue does not have the money but they thought of me and my future!! The Rescue has so many homeless dogs and I know caring for them is not cheap let alone the expenses that Ben & me have incurred.

I hate to keep asking people for help, I asked the driver of the car to get me help, then I asked the Metropolitan Vet Clinic to help to save my life, then I asked the Rescue to please let me keep my leg, and now I am asking you to please help the Rescue pay my vet bill. A very nice woman let my bill be put on her credit card but the Rescue has to pay her as soon as she gets the bill. My surgery and hospital stay at the Care Center cost $2044.50. So far the Rescue has only raised $129.00 and that is a long ways from being enough. Can you please donate even $5 anything to help me with my vet bill? I feel guilty enough the trouble I have put the Rescue through without the guilt of them worrying about how to pay my bills! Please help me!!

Update 10/10/04: Things are going quite well, I am allowed to lightly use my leg and even though it hurts it does not hurt as bad as it did last week. It does get quite boring not being able to go play on the road but grandma keeps telling Ben and me that is why we both have plates in our legs--that cars are nothing to play with!! Ben got a really neat care package from Aunt Dawn and he was so nice he shared some of his new treats and toys with me. I do have some more good news! Many of you have donated to me and I now have $495.00 towards my surgery bill. I still need a bunch more but every penny helps!! I want to thank all that have donated to me it means so much to know that you care. I have started a photo page so that you all can watch my progress.

Update 10/13/04: I just wanted to give you a quick update on my great progress!! I am doing so good that I can not believe that it has just been a week since my surgery!! I am using my leg more and more everyday with less pain each day! I also want to thank all the generous donations. I now have $820.00 towards my surgery bill, I know I still need a lot of money but it means so very much to me that strangers care about me!! The Rescue is doing a bake sale this weekend to help with my medical expenses and Aunt Dawn has made the arrangements, just like she did for Ben's cook out!! Again, I want to thank all of you who have been so kind and generous to send your hard earned money to help me pay my medical expenses. I promise to make all of you proud of me and I will continue to do as grandma and Dr. Schrader tells me so that I will get healed really quick!! Check out today's pictures.

Update 10/17/04: I continue to get better everyday and now I want to play but Grandma is mean she says I cannot play yet!! She says I have to let my leg heal more before I get to play!! I hope when I go back to see Dr. Schrader on Thursday he will say I can play. My bake sale did really good Grandma said, but I guess my feelings are a bit hurt because when they had the cookout for Ben it raised over twice as much as my bake sale. The good part is that we still have tons of baked goods to sell so PETsMART will continue my bake sale for another day or so. Grandma says I have to be grateful for every penny raised and I really am, but it sure seems like people like Ben better then me!! The good news is I now have $1500.00 so I am getting close I only need another $544.50.

Update 10/19/04: Bad news today!! Max was rushed to the Care Center yesterday afternoon when his temperature went up to 105 and his leg had began to swell. At 5 AM today his temperature was headed down and was 103. He will stay at the Care Center until his temperature is back to normal and they figure out what went wrong since he had been doing so well. I will keep you posted as to any changes. Please keep Max in your prayers!

Update 10/19/04 1:30 PM: Max's temperature is continually dropping it is now down to 102.4. He has an infection in his incision so they have opened it up and are soaking the leg!! Hopefully this will resolve this issue and he can continue to recover.

Update 10/20/04: Max's temperature is now normal and he will come home tomorrow. Please visit our eBay auctions to help cover Max's medical cost!!

Update 10/21/04: Grandma and Ben came to the Care Center today to pick me up, it was great seeing them both again!! Dr. Schrader told grandma to soak and massage my leg several times a day. Soon I will be good as new!! I go back in 2 weeks for a recheck. Now I have to help grandma with all my fundraisers, since my bill is even larger now!! Thanks for all your prayers!!

Update 10/21/04: I am feeling much better now that my infection is under control again. I really enjoy getting my leg soaked and massaged it feels so good!! Besides that is quality time for me and Grandma!! Don't forget to check out my stuff on eBay!!!

Update 11/04/04: Today I went back for a recheck and it went GREAT!!! Dr. Schrader said there is no more infection in my leg and that it appears to be healing perfect!! I go back again for another recheck and x-rays on November 24!! Next time Ben will go with me for another recheck!! I want to thank all the wonderful people that have donated to help me pay my vet bill and all the wonderful people that are bidding on my eBay auctions!! I promise to have more items up tomorrow evening!!

Update 11/25/04: My visit to the Care Center and Dr. Schrader went great!! My leg is healing perfect and as long as my body doesn't suddenly reject the plate (there are no signs of that happening) I will be available for adoption in 2 weeks!! I have marked my calendar. Dr. Schrader said I would normally be released today but because the Rescue is not my forever home he preferred to have me watched for another 2 weeks. December 11th I will be available for adoption!!! Get ready world!!!

Update 12/03/04: Unfortunately my news today is not good!! Grandma has been watching my leg like a hawk and well she noticed a few days ago a red spot about 3/8 of an inch across, and late last night when she checked, it had split open. This AM she called Dr. Schrader and the thought is that I may be rejecting my plate!! I am now taking antibiotics and have an appointment for December 8th at 11:45 AM. I really thought I would have a home for Christmas but luck is not on my side!! I do not want to have another surgery and I know the Rescue can not afford for me to have another one!! Please say prayers for me!!

Update 12/10/04: Well, just as grandma had thought my body is rejecting the plate in my leg. My leg is not healed enough yet to remove the plate so I will stay on antibiotics for another 2 weeks then I will have my leg x-rayed again.  Hopefully at that time it will be healed enough to remove the plate. I really have been a good boy and I have tried very hard to follow the doctors orders.

Update 12/19/04: Well, there have been some change in plans. My appointment has changed to December 30th. I am doing real well and Ben isn't, so I told Grandma that I wanted Ben to take my place and go see Dr. Schrader again!!  My leg can wait another week and I am praying that maybe I will not need another surgery!! Please keep us both in your prayers!!

Update 12/31/04: I went with Grandma and Ben to see Dr. Schrader yesterday. I was not planning on going since Ben needed to go but Grandma said Dr. Schrader did not want to put off seeing me any longer. I was really shocked when he looked at my leg and said that it was doing much better and that I may not have to have the plate removed after all!! I go back with Ben in 2 weeks for another recheck and if I do not have anymore problems I will keep the plate!! I want to thank all of you who have been praying for me your prayers appear to be helping me! Please keep them coming!!

Update 1/20/05: Well my rechecks have all went well so today is the day I get neutered! This is scary but Ben told me it is no big deal! If all goes well I will be available for adoption real soon! 

Update 2/03/05 from Grandma at the rescue: Max had another setback. Yesterday we went in for hopefully a final check and it was determined that his body was indeed rejecting the plate.  Max underwent surgery yesterday afternoon to remove the plate. He will come home this afternoon to recuperate. He will go back in 2 then 4 weeks for rechecks.  Hopefully all will go well.  Please keep Max in your prayers.

Update 2/03/05 from Max: I am home from the Care Center and doing fine.  The bad part is I now have to wear a boot and stuff when I go out while Ben is running around like a big brat!!  Dr. Schrader promised that I would only have to wear a boot for a week till my bandage comes off! It was great to be home and play in the snow with Ben & Sophie we had Grandma take some pictures today to share with you. Of course I was playing and would not stand still!! It is nap time now at least that is what Grandma says so I will write again soon!!

Update 2/09/05: Today my bandage came off and so far so good. I will be on antibiotics for 17 more days then get rechecked, hopefully then I can go up for adoption!! 

Update 3/08/05: Well as you can tell the 17 days have turned into 30 days and well it will still be a while before I am ready. I had a few set backs as far as infection so I will be on antibiotics longer then originally expected. I go back to see Dr. Schrader tomorrow then it will be discussed how much longer before I go off antibiotics then it will be another 30 days to make sure that the infection does not reoccur. Also, Ben & I had a talk with Grandma a while back and we have decided that we do not want to be separated. I love Ben like a brother and we have been through so much together that I want to find a forever home that we both can be in together. When I am ready please consider giving us both a forever home together!!!

Update 3/10/05: I went to see Dr. Schrader yesterday and he was really happy with the progress on my leg. He said 3 weeks longer on antibiotics (just to be safe) and then 30 days off if no infection reoccurs then I am ready to go!!  I can't wait!! Please say prayers that my leg doesn't get any infection in it!! 

Update 4/05/05: I am off all antibiotics and so far so good. I feel better every day and I am counting the days till Ben & I can start looking for our forever home!!

Update 4/10/05: I cannot believe it, I have been released and am NOW ready for adoption!! Are you looking for 2 handsome & playful boys? If so Ben & I are looking for a very special home with lots of love and toys! We are slightly spoiled so we will be very picky when choosing our forever home! Please don't ask if I will be available without Ben, I will not even consider living without him!! Also because Ben only has 3 legs I do not want a forever home with lots of steps so a one story house is what I am looking for.

Adoptable Danes -- Max 10/6/04

Adoptable Danes -- Max 10/7/04


Date of Birth: 10/02
Description: male, brindle, cropped ears do not stand

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