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I lost the battle to save my leg!

I was found lying along the side of a busy Wayne County road after I had been hit by a car and left to die. A wonderful person saw me lift my head and called for help. I had been laying there in pain for hours just praying someone would stop to help me. Luckily someone called the Wayne County Humane Society to come for me and I was taken to the shelter.  They took me to the vet and had my broken leg splinted and they gave me pills to help keep down the infection. Because I was not wearing a collar I was not able to have complete and proper medical care. I was considered a stray and I had to wait till my stray time was up, so I lay on the cold hard concrete in pain and agony, scared and alone. My last day of my stray time they called HHGDR to see if the Rescue would help me. They said if the Rescue did not take me I would be put to sleep because they did not have the money to treat my injuries and they did not know anyone who would want me in my condition. I feel lucky because the next day the Rescue had a big van come and get me. The nice lady told me that it was going to be a long ride and she wanted me to be comfortable. When I arrived at the Rescue I was given a nice soft bed and dinner, then I was told that tomorrow I would go to the vet to get my leg fixed. I sure hope the pain stops.

Update 9/13/04: My Grandma at the Rescue says nothing is ever as easy as it sounds. I need to have a plate put in my leg because it is broken in 2 places and the bone is poking through my skin. Of course it is also severely infected. The vet at All Creatures Animal Hospital said he is not able to do this surgery--I have to have an orthopedic surgeon. Unfortunately the Rescue does not have the money for this, and they do not know what to do. My leg is fixable but it will cost about $2000 to fix it, plus all the antibiotics to clear up the infection. I do not want to lose my leg! I am young and healthy and going to be a big boy.

Please help me keep my leg! I am even more scared now, I really don't want to lose my leg. Grandma says that the Rescue isn't against amputating a leg when it is what is best for the dog (see Bebe's story), but my leg is fixable. The Rescue was able to get 24 hours to make the decision. If I am to get the surgery to save my leg I must raise $2000 by tomorrow evening. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I promise--cross my heart--if you help me keep my leg,  I will be a really good boy for the rest of my life. See pictures of my leg when the bandage came off at the vet's. The wound pictures are graphic so if you have a weak stomach do not open!!

UPDATE 9/14/04: I am still short almost $1000 for my surgery and we only have a few hours left to raise the money.  Please I have came so far don't stop now!!  If 200 people donate $5 I can have my surgery! If 100 donate $10 I can have my surgery! Please help me!!

UPDATE 9/14/04 9:00PM: A great big thank you to everyone who donated money to help save my leg! At the last minute a wonderful donor made a huge donation to cover the remaining balance. I will be OK now, if everyone who pledged to mail in their donations keeps their promise. Another wonderful donor offered the use of her credit card to cover the balance of the bill until the pledges come in. Please, if you said you would donate, don't let me down now!

Grandma says I have to get off the computer now. We have to leave to go to the vet clinic. The orthopedic surgeon Dr. Steve Schrader is coming in very early tomorrow morning to do my surgery, and I have to be prepared for him. I'm kinda scared, but I know that all of you are pulling for me. Grandma promised that she will e-mail you all to let you know the progress of my surgery and recovery until I can come home and use the computer again. Your very grateful. Ben

UPDATE 9/15/04: Ben's surgery turned out to be more complicated than expected. He is in worse condition than was originally thought. The infection was not limited to his leg, but had spread throughout his body, and his temperature is still extremely high. Incisions had to be made over both the ulna and radius. The soft tissue was already torn away from the ulna, and the radius had a lot of bone fragments. About 1.5 inches of bone were removed to get to stable, healthy bone tissue, and a plate was attached to the radius. The front incision was closed but the back incision was left open to allow the infection to drain. There was a lot of soft tissue damage due to lack of proper medical care immediately following the injury and during the days before he was released to the Rescue. By the time he was transported to the Rescue, the damage had been done.

Ben will now have to remain at the Care Center for at least a week so that he can be monitored 24 hours a day and have frequent bandage changes. He will be kept in a sterile environment so that his wound will not be exposed to further infection. This was unexpected and unfortunately will cost another $1000 for the week in ICU. Ben is such a good boy and is being very brave throughout this ordeal. Everyone at the Care Center who has come into contact with him has fallen in love with him. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

UPDATE 9/16/04: We have great news about Ben!! His temperature has returned to normal and he is doing much better.  Of course he has the vets and vet techs wrapped around his paw! He got someone's turkey for lunch and another decided his bedding was not sufficient so they got him a huge comforter to lay on!!  Thanks to all and please keep Ben in your prayers as we still have a long ways to go!!

UPDATE 9/17/04: This afternoon we had a surprising call from Dr. Schrader.  Ben had made a remarkable rebound and was doing much better.  Dr. Schrader felt that Ben would be more comfortable at the rescue so he would be releasing him to come home.  The rush was then on to get an area set up for him to recuperate in comfort.  Ben will go back to the clinic on Monday to have his bandages changed.  He is allowed only to be out long enough to go potty then back to his room.  We will post updated pictures of Ben and let him take over his story tomorrow.  This evening he just needed a good home cooked meal and his own bed to sleep on.  Of course we are well aware that Ben is not out of danger of infection so please keep Ben in your prayers till his leg is healed

UPDATE 9/19/04: Sorry I did not update you on my progress sooner!  I was really worn out when I got home Friday and yesterday I was just enjoying being home and getting all the attention I could get!!  I got a new bed yesterday and it is really nice so I also was enjoying being a little spoiled!!  I have all types of toys and chews, etc., but I would rather just be loved and kissed!! My Aunt Christe and Uncle Jon were here they were giving me extra attention also!! I had grandma take pictures of me today enjoying the beautiful weather!

UPDATE 9/20/04: Today has been an exciting and yet tiring day for me.  Grandma got me up real early this morning and off we went to the Care Center to see Dr. Schrader. I was was his first appointment! It was nice to see all the wonderful people at the clinic again, they were all making over me.  Then I  had to have a shot to put me to sleep so they could change my bandage and then another shot to wake me back up.  Then Dr. Schrader showed grandma and me, my x-rays from after the surgery. It was neat seeing the bones, plate, and screws that are in my leg and he told grandma how great my leg is doing!!  After that grandma got to pay my bill for today another $85 and we had to make another appointment for Thursday for another bandage change. The bandage changes will continue till the open wound on the back of my leg heals, which means another $85 every few days. We then went to McDonald's so I could have a sausage & egg biscuit for breakfast okay maybe that was more of a treat then breakfast at least for me but it was still quite tasty! Then we came home and I told all the other dogs about my great adventure for the day, and then I took a nap because I was exhausted! Now it is almost dinner time so I had better get to moving so I am not late. Thank you for being there for me I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your thought, prayers and donations it really makes me feel special!!

UPDATE 9/22/04:The last few days I have spent more time outside with grandma. I got to play and even threatened grandma with getting in the wading pool if she did not play with me. I tried to drag all my toys and chews outside but as fast as I got one out grandma was putting them back in my room. Tomorrow I go to see Dr. Schrader and get my bandage changed again. Hopefully we will go to McDonald's again, I like the breakfast there better then what I get here!! Well I better get to bed I have a long day ahead of me but I promise to write when I get home. Hugs and sloppy Dane kisses!!

UPDATE 9/23/04: Unfortunately today did not go well for Ben. When Dr. Schrader unwrapped his bandage he found an abscess and after weighing all the pros and cons it was decided that Ben needed to be hospitalized again. Ben also had began to run a temperature again. The Care Center has the staff to be able to flush the abscess every few hours and change the bandages each time, unfortunately we cannot no matter how much we want too. It was decided that Ben had come too far to not continue to have the best of medical treatment. At this time he will be at the Care Center until Monday when hopefully he will be healing well enough that he can come back to the rescue. I think that we all thought the worst was over when he had the plates put in his leg but his compromised immune system and the massive infection is still haunting him. He will make it just it will be a longer harder journey then what most had expected, but after talking to the vet tech on this evening it sounds like Ben is totally enjoying all the attention he is receiving. Please continue to pray for Ben.

UPDATE 9/24/04: I have again called to check on Ben and he is doing better but is still running a low grade temperature. They said that the abscess is still draining but not as bad as yesterday. Of course he is eating great and as playful as ever. I will call again tomorrow to see how he is doing and post the update as well. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

UPDATE 9/26/04: Ben continues to get better his temperature was finally normal this morning.  Hopefully Ben will get to come home tomorrow, that is if we can pry him away from the vet techs at the Care Center. This is much more than what we had expected and we ask that you continue to pray for Ben.

UPDATE 9/27/04: I am home again and this time I promise to not do anything to send me back to the Care Center. It is a nice place an all but gee when is a guy to get some rest???? Every time I would fall asleep it was time to take some medicine or go out to potty or heck they even would wake me up to eat. Of course the worst was when they would wake me up to take my temperature! I sure was glad my bed was still waiting for me at home, I was so happy to be here but I hurried and went potty and jumped right in bed! Okay, so now I am used to getting woke up so I decided since I woke up I would sneak in a quick email to all my friends. Thanks again for the prayers but hey don't stop yet my leg is a long ways from being healed!!! I go back to the Care Center on Wednesday to have a bandage change and I do not plan on staying this time!!!  Okay, I am tired so I am heading back to bed I will ask grandma to take pictures of me tomorrow so I can share them with you!!

UPDATE 9/30/04: Sorry I have not been a good boy and posted my update but I have been to busy since I have been home.  I slept almost all day Tuesday, then Wednesday we went back to see Dr. Schrader.  He took the bandages off. He decided for now I should not have any bandages on, that my leg needs the air.  But he said I was not allowed to lick my leg so of course I want to lick my leg.  At first I had to wear an Elizabethan collar but after 2 different ones (1 was as big as a house) grandma gave up and put a basket muzzle on me!! That made me very mad!!! So I am not speaking to grandma!! Plus now I have to soak my leg 1 or 2 times per day. That is not too bad except I am expected to stand still for about 10 minutes!!! That is just too boring!!! Grandma keeps telling me that I am a brat, I think I will look that definition up because I think a brat is bad!!!  Then grandma tried to take my picture but she says that I have to get back from the camera so people can see me, I keep telling her I want a close up so you all see how happy I am but you know grandmas they don't listen. We will try again tomorrow.  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers they really seem to be helping!!

UPDATE 10/02/04: Not much has been happening. I am not allowed to go play with the other dogs and I am getting bored!! I am still soaking my leg at least 2 times per day and now I have to have my leg and paw massaged!! If that is not bad enough then I have to start putting weight on my paw several times a day!!  This is beginning to be work!!  Grandma did take my picture today but of course I was not ready!!  She promised to take one again tomorrow!!

UPDATE 10/04/04: My grandma is a worry wart she decided that I needed to go back to the vet for a recheck and just as I told her my leg is doing great!!  I have another vet appointment for another recheck on Thursday which I am sure will be fine as well!!  Thanks for all the prayers they sure are working!!

UPDATE 10/07/04: I went back to the Care Center to see Dr. Schrader today and I have great news!!!  He said my leg is doing wonderful!!!  I will not be going back again for 2 weeks!!!!  Keep those prayers coming they are really working!!

UPDATE 10/10/04: I am very happy to report my leg continues to improve!!  I am starting to put weight on my toes when I walk which Dr. Schrader said was a good thing!!!  I like having Max as a roommate it makes my quiet time a little less boring, I just wish we could go play!!  I got some really great treats and toys from my Aunt Dawn, I have never had so many toys and treats in my life I think it must have been Christmas in October!!!  I have added a couple of new pictures to my photo page.

UPDATE 10/13/04: Well, life just keeps getting better, I now am putting weight on my toe with every step!!  I soon will start using my paw correctly or at least that is what grandma says.  Max is great! He lets me have his dog biscuits and I let him lay on my bed occasionally.  He says my bed is softer then his and I think he just likes it because it is mine, but that is okay I do not mind sharing as long as I get his biscuits!! Check out today's pictures.

UPDATE 10/17/04: I continue to use my leg more and more each day and slowly the swelling is going down.  I can't wait to go see Dr. Schrader on Thursday and hear him tell me how good my leg is doing!!  Grandma is being a real stick in the mud she will not let Max and I play.  She tells us we are only allowed to go potty then we have to come back in and rest!  I am really getting tired of resting all the time!!  She won't even let us play in the mud!!  Max is really a nice dog we are becoming really good friends--we share almost everything!!

UPDATE 10/19/04: Well, only good news about me!!  I am still getting better every day!!  Max unfortunately has went to the Care Center yesterday so now I am a bit bored but I know he will be back soon!!

UPDATE 10/21/04: I went back to see Dr. Schrader today and all went as I expected! I am doing GREAT!!  I had my leg x-rayed and was able to prove to all that my leg will be like new real soon.  Dr. Schrader did say that I would have some scaring but I don't mind besides that will be a topic of conversations when I meet other dogs!!  Thanks for all the prayers they are paying off for me!!

UPDATE 10/21/04: Just figured I would let you all know that I am still doing great and enjoying every minute of life!!  I would be much happier if I was allowed to play a bit more but that is okay I can wait till I am completely healed!!  Maybe things will settle down this week and I will be able to get Grandma to take some new pictures of me!!

UPDATE 11/04/04: Well, I got left behind today and it did not make me happy!! Max and grandma went to see Dr. Schrader and left me at home!!!  I wanted to go show Dr. Schrader that I am using my leg more and more just like he said he wanted me too, but NO, I was left at home!!! I am doing so good now I know he would be proud of me!!  They did make me an appointment to go back on November 24. Hopefully then it won't be long till I can start looking for my forever home!!!

UPDATE 11/25/04: From grandma: Ben's appointment did not go as hoped, but then not much has for this poor boy!  Ben was so happy to see all his friends at the CARE Center, but not for long!!  His body was rejecting the plate in his leg, so it had to be removed. The good news is that the bone has healed and the plate is no longer needed. He was allowed to come home late last night.  His leg is again bandaged like a cast and as long as we can manage to keep it dry we should be okay. Of course after all the rain here lately this should be fun but we will manage!! Ben again is in a lot of pain and this will not be a happy day for him but at least he has his leg and soon he will be able to be adopted.  Ben goes back in 2 weeks for a recheck. We again are asking that you keep Ben in your prayers for a quick recovery.

UPDATE 11/26/04: Yesterday was a bit rough but I made it through the day without going back to the CARE Center so I think I will be okay!!  I started running a temperature and hurting really bad all over!!  Luckily Grandma called Dr. Schrader and was able to get him to tell her some different antibiotics I could be on and once they kicked in I started feeling much better. Grandma and I both are determined that I spent my last time in the Care Center!!  It is a great place to visit but I am tired of living there!!  Grandma said we could have our Thanksgiving today since I am feeling better!!  I can't wait!!!!

UPDATE 11/28/04: I just thought you all would like to know that I am continuing to get better!  I now have my bandage off my leg and after getting yelled at for licking it (it felt good to have the bandage off) I am now leaving my leg alone!! Max and I had visitors (Charlie & Betty) yesterday!!  They drove all the way down from Columbus to bring some special treats for all of us here at Rescue and to visit us.  It was great!! They were real nice and loved on us both!!  Max & I pretended not to care about the treats they brought but the truth is they are really tasty!! Well, Grandma says I have to go to bed now so I will write more in a few days!

UPDATE 12/03/04: Just wanted to let everyone know that my leg is healing and I am feeling better everyday I can't wait to get my stitches out so I can go run and play with the other dogs at Rescue!!

UPDATE 12/19/04: My grandma told me I had to tell you all the bad news. My carpus (wrist) is not bending and now I am rubbing my toes and nails and making them bleed. Grandma has ordered me some boots to protect my toes they will arrive in a couple of days. I now have to go back to see Dr. Schrader again. Max is really a swell friend he told grandma to let me have his appointment because my toes were more urgent! Max is my best friend and I would not take his appointment but his leg is doing better and he says if he gets to wait another week maybe he won't have to have another surgery!! Please keep Max & me in your prayers!! Thanks.

UPDATE 12/31/04: I went to see Dr. Schrader last week, and well to be honest, I was too depressed to write an update. He was not real hopeful for me keeping my leg--he said I may have to have it amputated and that really depressed me. Luckily grandma and Dr. Schrader decided to give antibiotics another chance. I am now on Amakacin and Antirobe and they say these are some really good antibiotics. I went back to see Dr. Schrader yesterday and he was very happy with my progress.

Apparently I have a really strong strain of infection in my leg and although the other antibiotics appeared to be working when I went off of them the infection came back. This time however the antibiotics appeared to get a hold on the infection quicker and they hope that this will kill off the infection. Dr. Schrader says he does not need to see me for 2 weeks then I go back for a recheck and they will decide then if I can come totally off antibiotics or if I will stay on them for a longer period of time.

I also am wearing my new boots and I really love them!! Grandma says when I am inside I can not keep them on because my paw needs air but when she is not looking I still try to sneak them and put them back on! Please pray that the new antibiotics kill off this horrible infection, I do not want to lose my leg!!

UPDATE 2/03/05 from Grandma at the rescue: It is with great sadness that I must give the following update. I am sorry to say that we lost the battle but we will not lose the war. The decision was made today to amputate Ben's leg. The antibiotics did not keep the infection down and the concern for Ben's overall health/life has to be more important then just the leg. Ben has fought a long hard battle unfortunately the strain of infection is too resistant to all drugs and it was a losing battle. This decision did not come lightly to us or Dr. Schrader but it was done with Ben's best interest at heart. Ben will be coming home today to recuperate and should be ready to start looking for his forever home in a few weeks. Please keep Ben in your prayers he is a wonderful dog and deserves to have a happy healthy life!! 

UPDATE 2/03/05 from Ben: I am home and feeling great!!  I was terrified to lose my leg but ya know what it ain't that bad! I thought I would not be able to walk as good and even though I had seen Bebe run around I still was afraid. But no more!! It is great to be home and pain free!! I made Grandma take pictures of me to show you all how great I am doing!!  Click here for today's pictures!! I also want to thank Uncle Ray for being there for my Grandma, she had a harder time with me losing my leg then I did.

UPDATE 2/09/05: I am doing great and will be available for adoption very soon!! My stitches come out on Saturday!! 

UPDATE 3/08/05: I am ready for adoption, well sorta!!!  I am ready but Max isn't. Max and I had a long hard talk with Grandma a while back and well we decided that we are brothers for life and want our forever home to include each other!! We realize that we will be less adoptable as a pair but we love each other and have been through so much together that we want to be together no matter what!! Please consider adopting a handsome pair of brothers!!

UPDATE 4/05/05: I am doing great and loving the warm weather!! Max and I play outside as much as possible when the weather permits!! If all goes right Max and I will be available in a few weeks!!

UPDATE 4/10/05: I have great news!! Max's leg is doing so good that he has been released for adoption!  Now we can look for our forever home together!! Are you up to adopting 2 handsome & playful Danes??




Date of Birth: 09/2003
Description: male, white with merle markings, natural ears
HHGDR Suggests: Obedience Class
Good With: Dogs, Adults, Children, Cats

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