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Too Young to be Homeless
Written by the puppies at HHGDR

They say I am too young to be homeless but yet I am. Why would someone buy a puppy then dump it just months later? Why don't people think before they buy?

They say I came from an unreputable breeder and when my owners were told that they should return me to my breeder they said no that they want me to have a better life. Well, do you think living with you for a few months or years, then being dumped is a better life?

If my breeder was so bad why did you buy me to begin with? Why did you give them money to stay in business? Do people not think? Do people not realize that when you buy puppies from an unreputable breeder, pet store, or dog auction that you are being an enabler? Do you think that buying that one puppy is really making a difference? Yes, to that one puppy but you have done nothing but enable that breeder/puppy mill into continuing to abuse and neglect hundreds and perhaps even thousands of other puppies!

Now I am homeless and living at a rescue, hoping and praying that someday a family will come and want me. Unfortunately, those that keep coming looking for a dog are people that do not want a dog for the right reasons.

I am not a guard dog. I am not a baby sitter. I am not yesterday's garbage. I am a living, breathing dog that deserves a wonderful loving home. I am just like the thousands of other dogs that will die today in a animal shelter.

There is a lesson to be learned. I hope someday people are capable of learning from others' mistakes and not having to learn by adding to the problem.

Think before you buy that cute puppy. Can you be there for that puppy for the next 15-20 years?

Do your research and learn about the breed before you buy.

Do not buy from a pet store, dog auction, or unreputable breeder.

Spay and neuter your pets. Do not add to the homeless animal population of the world!

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