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The Miracle of Birth

"I want my children to see the "miracle of birth," then we will have her spayed." How many times have you heard someone say that?

The family picked out a breed of dog they thought was awesome. It looked so cute on TV! Who cared if it would fit into their lifestyle. They watched the classified ads and finally found a litter of puppies advertised for sale. They contacted the breeder and made arrangements to see the puppies.

"Aren't they cute!" the kids squealed. After some squabbling a puppy was picked out and bought. They named her Pansy after their favorite flower.

The new owners did everything right for the first few weeks. They took Pansy to the vet for all her shots, but when the vet asked if they wanted to make an appointment to have her spayed, they said, "No, we want her to have a litter so the kids can see the miracle of birth."

Pansy grew, and before they knew it, came into her first heat cycle. After a week of that mess, they put her outside. The neighborhood males, who were already on the alert, seized the opportunity.

Surprise! Pansy was pregnant, but the family had no idea who the dad was! The kids were thrilled at first, but they soon lost interest. That's the way kids are. Mom and dad were not so thrilled. There went the money they thought they would get by selling the puppies. Oh well, they would just have to make the best of it.

As the whelping date grew near, Pansy began to tear up the yard trying to make a nest for her pups. Soon she was chained and confined to a corner of the yard.

Things did not go well! One morning the family woke up to find that Pansy had presented them with only one pup, and she was bleeding and crying in pain. They rushed her to the vet, who gave them the bad news. Pansy needed a C-section or both she and the remaining pups would die. More expense! They finally decided to go ahead with the operation. They could pay the vet with the money they would make on her next litter--they would make sure those would be purebred. They had learned the hard way!

Pansy and her ten pups home came home to their new living quarters--the garage. When mom and dad thought the pups were old enough, they put an ad in the newspaper. They were shocked! The phone did not ring off the hook in response to the ad. Meanwhile the pups were growing and tearing up the garage. In desperation they advertised "Free to Good Home."

Two pups found homes, but in the end, the "Good Home" was not even an issue. Pansy was already in her next heat cycle. The remaining pups, which were no longer little, cute, and cuddly, went to the local animal shelter. A week later the pups were shoved into the gas chamber to die.

Spay or neuter your dogs. Too many unwanted puppies and dogs are being euthanized every day!

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