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Nobody's Perfect
Written by the homeless Danes at HHGDR

Many people come to the Rescue expecting a perfect dog. Why? We simply do not understand. They themselves are not perfect. Yet they want a dog that fits the storybook image of perfect. 

Some of us at the Rescue are missing a leg or an eye. Some are tall and some are short. But none of us are perfect. Some of us need to have the security of our best friend or our brother or sister to be able to adapt to a new home.  

Do you know how horrible it feels to hear that you are rejected for the reason of not being perfect? Do you know how many wonderful dogs are homeless because we are not perfect? It is not our fault. It is human's fault. After all, if proper care had been taken of us in the first place, we would have all 4 legs and both eyes. It is not our fault if we are short or tall. Blame genetics. And gee, look in the mirror--are you perfect?

It is not our fault if our ears are cropped too short or don't stand. Blame the human vet or owner, but please don't blame us. If our ears aren't cropped, don't blame us that our humans didn't put us through the pain and agony of having our ears cropped. Blame the human that did not crop our ears.

Don't blame us because we are scared or timid. Blame our human that abused us or didn't socialize us. Don't blame us because we have no training. Blame the humans that did not want to waste their time or were too busy teaching us bad habits to teach us good ones. 

We just are thankful that the people in Rescue don't blame us. They blame humans. If not for humans there would be no need for Rescue. After all, in a perfect world, even dogs would be perfect. 

Now, go look in the mirror. Tell us, are you really as perfect as you think you are? Or are you too tall, too short, too fat, or too skinny? Is your hair the perfect color and texture? Do you have proper manners? Do you do everything right 100 percent of the time? If you think you are perfect, then do the volunteers and us dogs at the Rescue a favor, go elsewhere. After all, nobody's perfect!

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