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Written by the homeless Danes at HHGDR

We dogs found the definition in the dictionary, now if only humans could learn what it means! Commitment: The act of committing, pledging, or engaging oneself. A pledge or promise; an obligation.

Do you know why there are so many homeless dogs in the United States? Do you know why there are so many dogs dying at shelters everyday? It is because humans do not take their commitments seriously. Humans think everything is disposable, their marriages, their children, and yes, especially their pets. Humans do not know what commitment really is!

We dogs here at the Rescue are homeless because our humans did not keep the commitment they made to us and neither did the breeders! All of us were considered disposable and we were dumped! We ask each other everyday what did we do wrong, why were we disposable! What happened to the commitment our humans made to us? We were willing to keep our commitment to you, even when you were not feeding and caring for us the way you should have!

The excuses you humans make when trying to get out of your commitments are pitiful!

  • "He got too big." Duh! I'm a Great Dane, not a Chihuahua!
  • "He is dumb." Well gee, what did you ever teach me?
  • "He is dirty and sheds." I am a dog after all.
  • "He eats too much." Hey, take a look at your plate at dinner sometime.
  • "He chewed my shoes up." You thought it was cute when it was someone else's shoe. Of course you could have purchased me a toy or two to chew on!
  • "He barks & whines to much" Do you not understand bored and or lonely?
  • "He peed/pooped on my floor" So take me out more often, BTW, you pee and poop in the house why can't I?

Now humans, face some facts, you did not keep your commitment to us! You dumped us just like you dump the trash, you treated us like trash! How many of us came to this Rescue as skin and bones because you did not keep your commitment to us? How many of you claim to love us but never look back when you dumped us out on the street to fend for ourselves?

Why is the Rescue the only one committed to us dogs? The Rescue is cleaning up after our owners and breeders? Breeders need to realize that there are already too many homeless dogs. Just because humans want puppies you did not need to breed more! In the end there are more to die when the rescues are full!

What is this world coming too? When will humans learn the meaning of commitment?

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