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I Was Dumped Today
Written by a homeless Dane at HHGDR

I was dumped today because Dad's new wife did not want me in her home. Yes, she had all her reasons--I would mess up her clean house, I would stress her too much, I would be too much of a bother, I would knock down the baby, my hair does not match the decor, etc., etc.

Dad claimed to love me but when it came down to a choice between her and me, I was the one to go. Dad, did it not matter that I was your baby long before you met her? Dad, did it not matter that you gave me your word to keep me in sickness and in health til death do us part? I was your friend, your best friend, and you turned on me like I was a stranger. Yes, we had our share of problems but we worked through them and I thought our love for each other was stronger because of it.

I remember the first time you brought her home to meet me and she was acting all huggy and kissy towards me. I wondered why she was faking her love for me and why you did not see through it. I guess I never will understand humans.

I am now here at the Rescue along with many other homeless dogs. Many are homeless for the very same reason and we all wonder, what we did to deserve to be dumped? Why do humans not keep their word to us canines?

Dad, do you realize no matter what you have done to me that I will go to my grave loving you? Dad, how could you dump me for her?

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