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 Zoe Bell

Our owner turned us (mom, dad, aunts and my brothers and sister and myself) over to Harlequin Haven when they were moving out of state so she could care for her ill mother. Harlequin Haven was already full but still agreed to take us all (4 adults and 5 puppies). Our owner claimed to be a rescue and told HHGDR that our parents and aunts were all dropped off to her when their owners no longer wanted them. Then she was breeding them so they could produce puppies for her to sell. If they did not come to her with AKC papers she was registering them with the CKC so they had papers. Grandma here at HHGDR says that a real rescue does NOT breed rescue dogs to make more homeless dogs. Grandma also says a reputable breeder does NOT breed a dog until it is an adult yet they were all used for breeding before they were even 2 years old! None of us were house pets our parents and aunts were just breeding machines and we all lived outside together, our owner claimed that after all of them were dumped on her she did not have room for us in her house!

I now have my forever home and life is great!! They love me as much as I love them! Too bad all dogs don't have loving parents like I do!!

So where are the treats?

Ya mean this isn't my dog bed?

I promise I won't take up much room!

I barely fit on this dumb dog bed!

Now this is more like it!

Yep its a fact I am lazy!

A family picture!

Yep just laying around!

Okay so occasionally I sit on mom!

I am so pretty!

Okay I better get some extra treats for this!

Nap time again!

We did not do it, honest!!

Isn't this the perfect picture?

Who is this weird man pretending to be Santa?

See I told you I could step over you!

Okay these hats have to go!!

Yes I am sticking my tongue out at you!

I love my sissy!

I have a new sissy!!

I really make my sister look tiny!!

Wow I worked hard today!

Mom can you turn out the light I need my beauty sleep!

Don't worry we are guarding the tomatoes!!

I love my couch!!

Okay I will share with you but don't touch!!

Yes I am a princess!

Don't worry I am watching the garden!!

What do you mean I am not suppose to sit here?

I just love my sissy!!!

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