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Xannon - ADOPTED
Pronounced "Zan nun"

ADOPTED: I have found my forever home!! I love my new mommy & daddy and I even have an older brother Mack (4 legged) to play with!! I now have a wonderful new life!!

My proud new parents!! They love me and I love them but I really can't wait to get home and play with Mack!!!

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Before Story and Pictures Below

I was purchased from a backyard breeder when I was just 6 weeks old and I went to live on a farm in Indiana. Then one day my owner moved to an apartment. Well, a Great Dane puppy and a baby in an apartment did not work out. My owner contacted my breeder who agreed to take me back. But the next morning my breeder put me on Craigslist to find a new home for me. She then decided to contact Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue. They were willing to take me in and after several phone calls, my breeder decided that it was best for me to be at the rescue. My breeder told HHGDR that I was lethargic, vomiting after each meal and even after a drink of water. I have had only one set of vaccinations and that was so my owner could have my ears cropped. Imagine HHGDR's reaction when I got out of the van and immediately drank water and then went and played!! When I went into my new room I ate the food that was waiting for me and I started playing with the new toys that were there for me!

Update September 23: Last week I got to visit the vet twice once for a check up and the next time to get my ears retaped. I don't like getting my ears taped but Grandma says it will help to get me a home since my ears were already cropped. I also got a new sister well sorta Xylia is just a few months older then me but she is great to play with and I do love to play! Grandma took some new pics of me and I have added them below!!
Update October 1: I have been neutered and am now ready for adoption!! This time I want a real forever home!!! I am a puppy and I am going to chew on things, bounce around and just act like a puppy so if you expect anything else from me you ain't gonna get it!!!
Update October 14: No more ear tapeings for me!! Actually I have not had my ears taped since I got neutered but just hadn't asked for new picture till today!!Update October 29: Well I am still waiting to find my forever home. So far the only people really interested in me wanted me for a guard dog!!

Today Grandma received a call from a concerned person, they wanted her to know that my breeder is back at it again. Although my breeder told Grandma she would never breed again she has a litter advertised for Christmas!! Now how many idiots out there are going to pay $600 for a black and $700 for a merle puppy with NO vaccinations and at 6 weeks old like my litter, of course NOW they come with CKC papers which just mean mom and dad "LOOK" like Great Danes there is NO PROOF what they are with CKC registration!!! Reputable breeders do NOT use CKC registration of course reputable breeders don't dump their puppies in rescue either!! Please people do your research before purchasing a puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update February 11: Yep I am still here and still no one wants me because I am cute and loving they just want a guard dog!! Wish my ears had never been cropped but my color is also an issue!! Why do people want big black dogs for guard dogs??? Do they not know Danes are not guard dogs!!

Oh well, yesterday when the trainer was here I showed him how much I remembered from my previous lesson!! Check out my new pictures below.





A must to read before picking your forever Dane!   
 Black is Beautiful

Date of Birth: 5/22/2012         Breeder: Angela Chappelow
Description: male, black with white marks, cropped ears

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