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Vanna Mae - ADOPTED

ADOPTED: I am soooo excited I have found my forever home and it even includes kittys!! I LOVE cats!! My new dad is in trouble though, he is the only male in a house full of females! The ladies rule!!

Life is wonderful!!! Loving my new mom and dad!!

Before Pictures & My Story Below

Although I am really just a young lady, my hectic young life so far makes me look much older in my intake picture! I was purchased from a backyard breeder and by time I was 13 weeks old I was already in my 2nd home (not including the breeder). I thought I had found my forever home but, unfortunately, life decided differently!! My mom had me spayed, with a gastropexy (stomach tack), and even my tail docked (happy tail). But then my brother and I decided to run into the road and, needless to say, I was not the lucky one. I was hit by a car!! Unfortunately, after all my preventative surgeries, my mom could not raise the $5000 that the Emergency Clinic required quickly enough for my surgery and the option they gave her was to euthanize me. My condition did not leave her with much time so she called Harlequin Haven and this time, luck was on my side. Thankfully, they agreed to take me. My mom and sister made the 3 hour trip to the rescue and at 10PM on a Friday night we arrived. Grandma had everything ready for me including a nice bed and food, and even toys. But at than point, all I wanted to do was sleep to escape the pain!

Early the next morning I had breakfast, and then I was off to the vet!! This time the vet clinic x-rayed my leg and splinted it, which really helped with the pain!! They started making plans for my surgery on Tuesday morning. Because my leg was not splinted at the first vet clinic my leg was very swollen and it was important to get some of the swelling out before the surgery. Finally, I get to rest!!
Update 9/8: Vanna Mae has had her surgery and her leg has been set. She will spend the night at the clinic and come home tomorrow afternoon. She will need expensive follow up care to help with her rehabilitation and recovery to return her to the happy healthy life all pups deserve. Vanna Mae says "Thank you" to all who have helped her start her journey. It will be an expensive and extended trip but she is on her way!
Update 9/9:
I am back at the rescue and sooooo happy to be here!!! Grandma says I need to rest and let my body heal. And she says I need some meat on my bones!! Grandma is giving me all the yummy food I need, so that should be easy.
Update 9/10: Well no doubt I am a puppy and I love to chew!! I also am in the dog house! Yep I chewed my bandage/cast. Check out my pictures below.
Update 9/11: What a busy week this has been!! Yeah you guessed it I had to go back and have a bandage/cast change! I have been to the vets office so many times I think I know everyone by name!!  Dr. Dan my surgeon even came in to check my leg on his day off! I think I am special, well that is what Grandma keeps telling me anyway! Check out my new pictures below. Now I have to go have lunch.
Update 9/14: I am in the dog house with Grandma!!! My leg started itching so I decided to scratch it.  Oops!! Another $180 a new bandage, splint and cast. Check out the pictures below!
Update 9/19: I went to the vet yesterday for what I thought was just another cast/splint change but I got a big surprise!!  The vet removed my cast and said he was not putting it back on. I am still on crate rest and leash walks only but because I had so many cuts and scratches from being hit and the cast was irritating them so we will see how this goes! It sure feels good having it off!! Of course I still get to wear the e-collar and I am not allowed to lick the sores!!
Update 10/10: Sorry I have been enjoying life without the e-collar!! I finally got all the road rash sores healed and I don't have to wear that stupid e-collar any longer!! My leg is healing and it won't be much longer, and I can't wait! Check out my new picture below.
Update 11/30: Great News!! I am now ready for adoption! I will still need rehab on my leg but that is just because I find it easier to just not use it.
Updated 5/9: Well I am still waiting for my forever home!! Where are all the homes that wanted me when I wasn't ready????

 9/4 The night I arrived

9/8 Leaving for surgery





Date of Birth: 6/20/2019     
Description: female, harlequin, natural ears

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