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ADOPTED: Grandma says good things come to those that wait!! Well I waited 2 years and 2 months and ya know what she was right!! This year I received my very own mommy and daddy for Christmas!!

I love my new mommy and daddy!!

Before Pictures & My Story Below

I was dumped to fend for myself at the Pilot truck stop in Cambridge, OH on Father's Day. Several of the truck drivers did feed me and tried to keep me safe but others thought I was a nuisance and would chase me and throw things at me. Then one day a man showed up from Lost Pet Recovery and he put some really yummy food all around this crazy looking wire box. Then he put it inside the box, okay I was not thrilled to go into the crazy wire box but the food was really yummy and I was so very hungry so in I went!! Then the box slammed shut on me and I couldn't get out!! I was soooooo scared!! The man put me in his truck and we drove for hours till we got to his house. The other dogs at his house were nice to me and kept telling me not to worry, but I was very afraid of the man I kept wondering when he would get tired of me like my other owners and just dump me out to fend for myself again. But hey he fed me and I had a roof over my head, so life was good!! Then the day came when he put me in his truck and off we went, for over 2 hours we drove until we arrived at another place and yep more dogs! Most of these dogs were twice as big as me and very scary! This woman the other dogs called Grandma told me not to worry but I was very worried. Grandma gave me my own crate it is huge, a bunch of toys and a really soft bed. Then she told me I had to get ready to find my very own family, so I was taught to walk on a leash, to come when called, to get my nails cut and ears cleaned! I was shown humans are not all bad and my biggest task and yep I am still working on it is learning manners!! I do really good till I get too excited and start jumping on people!! I am a very handsome young man and although humans have not always been good to me I still love humans and just want my very own family! Oh yeah I almost forgot I am Lyme positive, I being treated and if I find my very own family before I finish my treatment Harlequin Haven said they would pay for my treatment so my new owners wouldn't have to worry about that!! Okay are you my family????

Update 12/14: Check out my new pics!!! I am so handsome!!
Update 1/10: Did you see on the news Justin Bieber has Lyme Disease! I feel sorry for him cause he went 2 years undiagnosed!! My grandma here at the rescue diagnosed me and I received immediate treatment before it affected me like it has him!! Maybe he needs a grandma like I have! Many people do not test or vaccinate their dogs for Lyme Disease NOW that Mr. Bieber has it maybe people will learn how dangerous it can be!! Good Luck Mr. Bieber, Get Well Soon!
Update 6/28: Hey just added another picture so you could see how handsome I am. Oh you already knew that!!!
Update 10/11: Hey folks ya gotta check out my NEW picture!! Look at the pretty sit I can do!!! I am so handsome and smart, just ask me and I will tell you!!

Update 8/15: If you just take a few minutes and look at my progression below, I went from shy and scared to a happy and affectionate dog!! I will admit the one thing in life I do not like is grooming day!! I still hate to have my ears cleaned and nails cut, I do not bite or growl I just whine!! Some of the dogs have called me a sissy but I not a sissy I am just a boy that thinks ears should not be cleaned and nails not cut!! To bad Grandma doesn't agree!





Date of Birth: 11/2018                Husky Mix        
Description: male, black, tan & white, natural ears

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