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Tristan - ADOPTED

Adopted: I have found my family!! It was love at first sight!! I will never have to want for anything again including medical care, a couch, toys, air conditioning and especially love!! I also got a new name to go with my new life!! My new name is Mylo!

Love is in the air!!

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Before Pictures & My Story Below

My owners brought Tate and I to the rescue when we got to be more work than they thought we were worth.

Originally I was purchased from a show breeder as a pet quality puppy. It was written in my contract that I would most probably need entropion surgery when I was old enough. Entropion is a medical condition where your eye lids (usually the lower) fold inward and scratch your eye. Well, the surgery was never done and I live with pain daily. When I was 14 months old, my life drastically changed for the worse when my original owners gave me to another family. I went from being a house pet to an outside dog!! My new home was a garage!! At least I had Tate to share my lonely time. Tate didn't know that life could be better, he was just a puppy. In the middle of the night our owner would turn us loose on his 50 acre farm to run. One night we were attacked by a pack of Coyotes. We both ended up spending 3 days at the vet hospital and when released, returned to our home in our garage! Then one night we happened to wander over to a neighbor’s house to check out his dogs. We did not know he was a County Sheriff, and after a couple of visits to his house the sheriff came to see our owner and inform him that he was violating the law. To solve his problem our owner put up a small pen and would let us out for only 2 hours at night. Well, one night Tate decided he was going to visit the neighbor's dogs again and this time it landed him at the Animal Shelter for the weekend!! That was the final straw!! When our owner went to pick up Tate at the Animal Shelter he asked if there was a rescue or a person who would want us. The rest is history!!

I was scared when I first arrived here at the rescue. But Grandma gave me a hug and kiss and told me things would be better!! Then we went inside to the air-conditioning!! She already had food, toys and, yes, soft beds waiting for us!! I already have an appointment with the vet to look at my eyes and schedule my surgery. Grandma is even putting eye ointment in my eyes and WOW does that feel better!! This was all in my first 24 hours!! My eyelids may be looking inwards for now, BUT my life is looking up!!

My AKC Papers                 

Update 9/13: I just got back from going to the vet and having my eyes checked and sure enough I have entropion and will have surgery on September 21. I can't wait!!!

Update 9/25: Sorry for the slow update. I had my surgery on Wednesday and you would not believe how much better my eyes felt the next day!! I want to thank everyone who donated to pay for my surgery. In my whole life, I have never felt so much love!!! Thank you!!

Update 10/2: I have GREAT news!!! I am NOW ready for adoption!! I am looking for my dream home and Grandma told me I get to choose who I want for my forever family!! I have some requirements too!!! I want a soft couch plus a soft bed, I want toys and lots of them, I want walks with my new family, a safe yard with a fence to play in, plenty of ear scratches, treats, AND plenty of hugs and kisses!!!

Update 10/13: It's time for a quick update!! I have lots of new friends and tons of toys to play with so, yes, life is grand!! And since I am no longer in pain from my eyes, life is especially great!! It seems that not only did my owner not care about me, apparently neither did my breeder. Grandma told me to give my breeder time and I did! My breeder was sent a letter within days of my arrival and Tate and I have been here at the rescue for over a month. But my breeder did not respond and it was not until her friends saw me on Facebook that she finally contacted Grandma! She called and said she was living pay check to pay check but she did have some dog stuff she could sell and would send me the money. Glad I didn't hold my breath!!! When I bragged to the other dogs that my breeder cared they laughed at me and said "The Check Was In The Mail" so I kept watching every day for the mail...... Grandma held me and hugged me the other night when she explained what the other dogs meant! Grandma told me that she had given up on breeders years ago and that I needed to also! If it was not for the wonderful donors and supporters of HHGDR I would not have had eye surgery and I would have still been suffering in pain!!! You cared about me when my breeder and owners didn't!! Thank You!

Date of Birth: 12/2/2013        Breeders: Margo Knopf & Kristy Niccum & Michael Niccum
Description: male, fawn with black mask, natural ears

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