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Priscilla - ADOPTED

ADOPTED: Grandma kept telling me good things come to those that wait!! Well, I waited and waited and after almost 2 years I found my forever forever family!!! WOW was it worth the wait!!! PLUS they adopted Noelle too, PLUS I have a big brother (Harry aka Kalin)who was adopted from Harlequin Haven in 2013!! I am so excited to start my new life with my new family!!

My very first family portrait! Love is in the air!!

Before Pictures & My Story Below

My mom and dad separated and that is when mom realized that I had not been socialized with people. Plus on top of that I am deaf so mom became overwhelmed and when she reached out for help from the local rescue, I got protective of her and well they decided they could not help me. So they turned to Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue for help. We drove 9 hours to get here and although I slept most of the way I am exhausted. I was given a bunch of new toys and some treats and Grandma told me my first job is to relax!! So I am now going to work on relaxing, wish me luck!!

Update 6/20: Just giving a quick update!! I love all my new friends and I especially love playing with Silas I keep telling him he is my big brother but he keeps telling me he isn't! I added a couple of new pics for your enjoyment.
Update 7/27: I am a bit nervous an excited to share my news! I am NOW available for adoption!! Yes you read that right!! I am now going to start looking for my new family!!  My new family must continue to socialize me and I must have another dog in the home and I am a bit picky I want a big dog and I prefer a Dane! I would be especially happy if Silas or Ranger was adopted along with me. I also prefer a Dane experienced home!! Last but not least because of my sight impairment it is not recommended to have cats or small dogs in the home. Although I don't hate them their fast movements get me very excited and I don't know what I would do if I caught up with them.
Update 10/10: I had a great time yesterday, some volunteers came and played with me in the leaves!! It was so much fun!!  I love to snuggle and play!!!
Update 8/15: Just a quick update!! I am still looking for my forever home but so far not many people are interested in me! I do not know why because I am just adorable and so loving!  Check out my new pictures below!





Date of Birth: 9/20/2019         
Description: female, white black marks, natural ears, DEAF & Sight impaired

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