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ADOPTED: I have found my forever home!! I also have 2 2-legged sisters at home, I can't wait to snuggle with them!! I promised to teach them the ropes of owning a great Great Dane!! Life is great!!!!

My new mom & dad!! Life is going to be Wonderful!

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Before Pictures & My Story Below

My owner saw me advertised on Craigslist and since she had always wanted a Dane she decided this was her chance. Then this morning I got my rear leg caught and it broke. Unfortunately what she had not considered when getting me was if she could afford to get me medical care if I got sick or injured. When she found out the cost to fix my leg she decided to call Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue. The rescue thankfully agreed to take me and get me the medical care I so desperately need! Unfortunately I did not arrive at the rescue until late in the evening so I have to wait till morning! I have an appointment with the vet at 8 AM I just hope and pray they can save my leg!!!

Update: Olena is in surgery now having a plate put in her leg to repair the break. Unfortunately, we did not have the time to ask the cost if we wanted to save her leg.
Update: Olena is out of surgery and is in recovery. The surgery lasted 4 hours and the bone was fairly shattered. The vet was able to get the plate stable and she should make a full recovery. She will be watched overnight and will come home in the morning.
Update December 21: I am home from the vets office and overall I feel pretty good! I am a bit tired and would not cooperate with Grandma to get new pictures I told her maybe tomorrow! Right now I just want to rest! The vet was very happy with my surgery and says he wants to see me next Wednesday at 8:30 AM. Guess he never sleeps in!!!!
Oops almost forgot. Grandma told me to let you all know that my bill was $880. I never had anyone spend that kind of money on me in my whole life!!! I am thankful that the rescue took me in and fixed my leg this is the bestest Christmas present I could ever ask for! I just hope I am not ruining Christmas for the other dogs!
Update December 22: Grandma said I could give you all a quick update!! I am doing really good, at least I think so and grandma says I am!! I have to put a boot on to keep my bandage dry since it won't quit raining but I just lay there till Grandma has it on and then I go out to potty and get a few minutes of exercise! So all is good so far!! I also want to thank all that have donated towards my surgery! So far $382 has been donated!!! Thank you all so very much for donating I will never be able to thank everyone for all the kindness you have shown me! Well time for me to lay back down and rest again!!
Update December 28: I had my first follow-up visit to the vet since my surgery and all went well!! It was actually great because I got to walk further then Grandma has been allowing me, it felt great stretching my legs plus I just love car rides!! I gave everyone kisses too!! My next visit is in 10 days and then I will have x-rays to see just how much my bone has healed. The vet was very pleased with the progress so far and he just kept telling me what a great girl I am!
I also want to thank all who have donated towards my surgery, so far $532 has been raised. I can not believe what wonderful people there are in this world! I have never known such kindness in my whole life! First the rescue takes me in, then all you wonderful people donate and then Santa came and left me tons of toys!!! Life is great!! Check out my new pictures below!
Update January 14: Sorry I forgot to give you an update after my recheck last week. My leg is healing and all is going great! I get bored cause I can't go and play like the other dogs but that will come in time! Thank you all that have been thinking of me and asking about me!
Update February 5: Still not much happening!! I just lay around and play with my toys!! I am still on bed rest and am really getting bored but I guess healing takes time and I do not want a set back!! Just wanted to let ya know all is still going well!
Update March 24: Sorry forgot to update my page again. Just letting you know that I had my 12 week recheck and all is going great!! If I continue to heal as I have been I will be ready for adoption by the middle of April. I can't wait!!!
Update April 23: I have been given the okay to find my forever home!! I am all healed and ready for find a loving family with a soft couch for me to lay on!!! I will try to get Grandma to take some new pictures of me real soon!!
Update June 17: Okay Grandma is getting slow in her old age!! It took almost 2 months to get her to take my new pictures!! Scroll down if you want to see my new pictures!! Of course I guess I can look at it that I have been waiting almost 2 months for my forever home and no one has even showed any interest in me as of yet!! Grandma says I would make someone the perfect Dane that I would work in almost any home and that I would be especially great for a first time Dane owner!!




Date of Birth: 12/2007         
Description: female, black with white marks, natural ears

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