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ADOPTED: I have found my forever home and I even get to have my best friend Beauregard as my brother!! Life is wonderful!! We also have a new older sister Kat, and a mom and even 2 legged brother and sister!! The perfect family!!

Our new family minus Kat and our brother!!

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My owner released me to the rescue when she became pregnant and had to go to work full time. She no longer had time to spend with me and said it was not fair that I have to live in a cramped little apartment.

Unfortunately I do have an issue, when I was a little puppy I was attacked by a big Labrador Retriever, he tore my jaw up pretty bad and for some reason my adult teeth never came in so my tongue hangs out. I also had my left rear leg broken when I was playing in the yard and it was wired but I do not have any issues with it now.

I am a very sweet and loving girl!

Update January 7: I have only been at the rescue for 3 days but the rescue has decided that I need to see a board certified veterinary dentist. I am excited that they may be able to fix my mouth so that when I eat my food it will actually go into my stomach and not fall to the ground. I will go next Tuesday very early in the morning to see the specialist and if he is able he will fix my mouth that very day!!!!
Update January 9: Well Grandma broke the bad news to me. They are calling for a snow storm Monday night into Tuesday and she most probably will be canceling my appointment with the dentist. Since we have to be there so early in the morning and we would be driving in rush hour traffic she plus it is over an hour away from the rescue she feels it is best to reschedule my appointment. She will call first thing tomorrow morning if they are still predicting the snow storm and reschedule. I will let you know as soon as I know.
Update January 13: Well you can say I am a bit disappointed. I had my appointment this morning with the Board Certified Dentist. We got up really really early and I was not allowed to have breakfast but that was okay because I thought he would fix me today. When we got there we were put in a room and Grandma filled out some paperwork then we waited and waited. Finally he came into the room and visited for a few minutes then he looked at my mouth and said that my one tooth was pointed in the wrong direction and was hitting the hard palate causing me not to be able to close my mouth properly. THEN he said that he would need to cut away part of my lips and sew the right side of my mouth closed, so that my tongue would not fall out. When he was asked about putting in a tooth or two where my teeth did not come in he said if sewing my mouth closed did not work he had a friend that was a Periodontist and he would have to contact him. Needless to say Grandma paid the bill and we got out of there!!! Grandma promised me she would find me a new dentist!!!
Update January 18: Today I went to see the rescues regular vet Dr. Hayes. Since no one had really been able to look in my mouth to see exactly what the issue was/is Grandma asked Dr. Hayes to check my mouth out. So I was sedated so they could really look and see. Well the dentist was right on 1 point, 1 tooth was digging into my hard palate so it was ground off slightly so that would no longer be an issue. I am missing my 1 canine tooth and that is it, several of my teeth appear to be a bit short but they are there. The only other thing he found was that it appears that my bottom jaw was broken when I was attacked and it healed crooked/twisted. Dr. Hayes feels at this point we should wait to see if grinding the 1 tooth down slightly helps me with my eating and if so then he feels that nothing more should be done. He said to wait a couple of weeks to see if this works then he will reevaluate my mouth. This makes more sense to me then sewing my mouth closed!!!  I will let you know how this works once I get used to my tooth not sticking me all the time!
Update January 26: Great news I now weight 102.6 pounds!!! I have gained 12.6 pounds since I came to the rescue and 9.6 pounds since Dr. Hayes ground that horrible point on my tooth off!!! Yes in 8 days I gained 9.6 pounds, I am so excited!! Guess being able to keep my food in my mouth and chew it really works! My tongue still hangs out quite a bit but I am learning how to hold it in my mouth more and more each day!! Grandma says that I will not need surgery so this is wonderful news!!  Oh yes some more great news I am NOW available for adoption!!!!  Okay forever home where are you???

Date of Birth: 7/15/2009        
Description: female, mantle, natural ears

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