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My owners were moving and took me to the Vanderburgh Humane Society. The shelter could not believe their eyes!! My owners thought nothing of the fact my ribs and hip bones were sticking out!! The wonderful people at the shelter called HHGDR to come for me, they said I needed to get TLC, gain weight and learn some manners. I keep telling them I am too cute to need manners but I sure am enjoying the TLC and food!!

I was potty trained and gained weight at the rescue then I started the search for my forever home. I was according to my Grandma a brat so finding just the right home was a bit hard. But hey all good things are worth waiting for and well my wait ended! I now have a wonderful Mom, 2 legged sister and a 4- legged brother Caylan and a kitty cat to chase!

Mom brought me home a sister to play with for Christmas, her name is Cindy!!

Nope mom NO bath!!

I told you mom NO bath!!

My new yard!! Caylan what is on the other side of the fence?

Someone want to play with me??

Wow my yard is pretty big!!

Mom I am getting bored!!

Okay who wants to with me??

I am bored again!!

Bored or not he is NOT getting the bed!!

What ya doing??

Okay where are those kids wanting candy??

I am NOT sharing no matter what mom says!!

Boy moms dinner sure looks tasty!!

Caylan mom said you have to play with me!!

Okay this is MY bed!!

Yep it is just the right size!!

Humm this is real nice!!

Don't even think about getting on my bed!!

Humm I wonder if I can eat dinner in bed??

The bed is nice but I am getting bored!!

Bored or not I am not giving up the bed!!

Why is the water bowl so high??

This is good!!

Gotta eat quick before mom comes back!

Next time I hope mom leaves stuff closer to the edge!

I am sorry mom!! I didn't mean to eat all the icing!

WHAT I am grounded!!

Honest mom we didn't do anything!!

Do ya think mom is mad?

What ya got?

But mom I almost fit!!

Mom I can't find my cuz!

Cindy help me look for my cuz!

Mom if I had my cuz I would know it!!

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