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ADOPTED:  Who would have thought that no sooner than I was ready for adoption that me the tiny Dane would have her forever home!!!

My new mommy!! It was love at first sight!!

Before Pictures & My Story Below

My owners finally did the right thing although it took them long enough! They released me to the Franklin County Animal Shelter. They said I had "been getting sick" and they could no longer afford to care for me since they just had a baby. Lucky for me the shelter emailed Harlequin Haven and in less than 24 hours I was here at the rescue!! I am very sick and exhausted but I had a nice meal and best of all I have a very soft bed. I have not done anything but sleep since I arrived here and everyone said that is what I need right now!

My paperwork says I am a blue but I do not have enough hair for the rescue to know for sure! As soon as my hair comes in my color will be listed.

Update 2/18: It has only been 24 hours but I am already feeling better. I actually felt good enough this morning to stand and eat my breakfast!! Well time to lay back down and take another nap.
Update 2/19: Well another day has passed and I continue to feel a bit better each day. Today I had a lot of blood pulled so they could run all sorts of blood test. Plus I got a bath and my ears cleaned and special medicine put in my ears!! WOW was that great!!! I never knew a bath and getting my ears cleaned could feel so good!! So far in medical bills alone I have cost the rescue almost $375 and I have not even been here 3 days! The plus side is that I am Heartworm, Lyme and Ehrlichia negative. Well it has been a long day and I am exhausted so time for me to go to bed.
Update 2/23: Sorry I was supposed to update you Tuesday but I have been enjoying life!! I have 2 roommates that we share our life experiences with each other. I kinda like having girl talk!! First off I want to say THANK YOU to all the great people that donated money to my medical care. I just can not believe how wonderful and caring people are! Thanks again for showing me that people do care! Okay I don't have a lot of news but the best news is the preliminary test show my thyroid is not working properly. Now just how bad we will not know until next week sometime but I have been started on thyroid medicine and already feel better!! So keep your fingers crossed for me!! Okay gotta get back to my new BFF's!!
Update 2/26: Not much new to tell you but I had to share a new picture I had taken yesterday!! You may not think I look much better but I sure do feel better!!
Update 3/3: Well the blood work is back and the results are in!! All my misery, hair loss, infected ears, skin infections and agony for all these years were ALL due to my thyroid NOT working!!!
Update 3/14: Just a quick update I had another blood test today to check my levels we will know next week if I need any adjustment in my medications. Plus I wanted to show you how much better I look in just 1 month!!! FYI, toys are the best, especially ones that squeak!!! Check out my new picture below, notice my paws are no longer swollen!! Life just keeps getting better!!
Update 3/24: Well we got the blood test results back and it appears my medications are perfect!!!  I am feeling great and everyone that sees me swears I look better everyday!! I know I sure do feel great!! I have a new BFF her name is Tori and we are having all kinds of fun together!! Plus I have a special announcement. Are you ready for the announcement? Are you sure you are ready?? I AM A MERLE!!! I finally have enough hair that we know what color I am!!!! Check out my NEW pictures below!!!
Update 5/5: Just wanted to share a few new pictures of me and my little friend Louis! I am feeling so much better and love life and especially playing!!! They are still working to adjust my thyroid meds, hopefully soon it will be my turn to find a forever home!!

Update 5/27: I am now ready for adoption!!! Are you looking for a VERY loving and gentle girl!!






Date of Birth: 2/2013       
Description: female, merle, natural ears

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