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Lani aka Molly

I have had a rough life. My first owners dumped me at the Grant County Animal Shelter, and instead of sending me to a rescue, the shelter they let a family adopt me and did not even bother to have me spayed first. The only reason my new owners wanted me was to breed to their male and have puppies.

Well, after I had a litter of puppies and they picked out which ones they wanted to keep, the rest ended up here at Harlequin Haven. Luckily for me the rescue convinced my owners to let HHGDR have me spayed. Of course then my owners decided they did not want me because I couldn’t have any more puppies. So they gave me away right after I had the puppies, but that home decided they did not want me either and returned me on Thanksgiving. Since no one wanted me, my owners called HHGDR, and they agreed to take me!!

My owners even lied to Harlequin Haven about why they had to dump me. They told them that they had moved and were unable to have dogs in the house they were renting. Guess what! They still have the male. So I tattled on them!! I know it is not good to lie!

I have found my forever home and it is wonderful!!! They love me like I love them! I even have a 4-legged sister Lily!!!

My Daddy!

I love my new house!

Mom did you forget me????

I love my new toy!!

My new sister Lilly!!! BTW, I love her too!!!

Okay we need a larger couch!!!

Is it dinner time yet?

Mom ya know I can't swim!!

Okay I am hiding till we get back to the house!!

Much better!!

My kids all grown up!!

You have grown up to be a beautiful Dane!

Yes I would love to talk with another mom about their kids!

My first Christmas in my new life!!

I love playing in the snow!!

Sis you are going the wrong way!!!

Did you call me mom?

I am going to get you!!!

Did you say dinner time??

Mom don't wake Lilly!!!

 So peaceful!

 I love relaxing!!

 Is it time to go bye-bye???

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