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I was found roaming the busy streets of Columbus and taken to the Franklin County Animal Shelter. After I served my legal stray time the shelter called Harlequin Haven and within hours I was at the rescue! I have been on my own for a while and unfortunately you can tell I did not do so well. I only weigh 75 pounds and am about 20 pounds underweight.

Update March 28: I now weigh 80 pounds and have friends that I love to play with. I am still a bit shy of strangers but I warm up quickly when I realize they will not harm me.
Update April 4: I am slowly gaining weight and now weigh 83 pounds. I am a very happy girl and am slowly working through being shy.
Update April 27: I was not gaining weight like I should and was not eating right so I went to the vet last week. Turns out I have tonsillitis!! I had no clinical symptoms which made being diagnosed a bit harder but after x-rays and a thorough examination the vet figured it out! I am on antibiotics and am feeling much better now!! I will take the antibiotics another 10 days then I will be rechecked.
Update May 7: Well it turns out that the tonsillitis was not the issue so yesterday I went to see Dr. Lee Schrader an Internist and she believes it is neurological and that I need to see a Neurologist. So I have an appointment on Tuesday afternoon. I am really happy that the rescue is trying to find the answer to my eating issue but it scares me how much money they are spending to find the answer to my problem! Can you help the rescue by making a small donation for my vet bills? So far the rescue has spent $525 and the consultation with the Neurologist is $130 and if I need a CAT Scan it will be another $725. Please can you help me????
Update May 14: Well I went to see the Neurologist on Tuesday and she said I had no lower jaw strength and that was my eating issue and she also said I needed to have 4 different blood test ran to rule out causes. These test cost a total of $849 and thank goodness Grandma and I decided to check with my regular vet before running the test because 2 days later the Neurologist told a HHGDR volunteer that the test were not needed and would serve no purpose. So why did she say I needed them on Tuesday???  Grandma and I did not like this Neurologist very much and both agreed we would never go back to see her again!!!!! Anyway Then I got to thinking about my eating issue and it is not lower jaw strength because if it was I would not be able to break dog biscuits into little pieces.
  Okay to try to explain my eating issues, I can eat soft, gooey canned dog food and  I can eat the dry kibble if softened in water. But when it comes to plain dry kibble or dog biscuits I can only break them into crumbs I can not get them down my throat either that or I am just a VERY messy eater. Grandma asked me if my issue was I was not used to anything but table scraps and canned food and maybe it was just the fact I had never had them before. I honestly do not remember. I only remember being dumped, scared, alone and hungry! Grandma asked me if it was the texture but I am not sure what she means by that. Since there does not appear to be a medical reason Grandma has agreed that I am about as ready for adoption as I will ever be!
  So is anyone interested in a beautiful shy young lady that loves canned dog food? I am 100% normal in every other way!!
Update May 23: I just thought I would give you a quick update and let you know that I am getting better at eating dry kibble and dog biscuits. It takes me a bit but my mess is getting smaller and smaller!!  Grandma is positive now that I was just never exposed to these types of food in the past and was unsure how to eat them.
I want to thank all the nice people who sent their ideas as to why I have issues with dog biscuits and dry kibble but it is not my esophagus the problem is/was that I do not move the dry food back into my esophagus like I should. Grandma says I looked like a child that was tasting a new food for the first time and just not using my tongue to get it back but each day now I am getting better and better at it!!!Update June 6: Just another quick update! I am now eating about a cup of dry kibble a day and not wasting any of it but to be honest the yummy canned is much tastier!! I am still a sloppy eater with the dog biscuits but most any other treat I clean every bit of it up!!!  Okay doesn't anyone want a pretty little loving and slightly spoiled Dane????
Update June 10: Well Grandma finally found a dry dog food that I like!! I still would prefer the canned but this is pretty yummy food. It is called Science Diet Oral Care so I get my teeth cleaned while I eat. I am not wasting any of it so Grandma is pretty happy!! Well gotta go play!!
Update July 18: Grandma told me I should give everyone an update, she is really proud of me!! I am now eating 4 cups a day of the Science Diet Oral Care and I just get a little bit of the canned food!! I have gained all my weight and am looking great!! I love to play with the other dogs and am having a great time!! I am still a bit messy when I eat the dog biscuits but hey they are not as yummy as the rest of the food!! I will ask Grandma to take a new picture of me so you can see how beautiful I am now!!

Update September 5: I just wanted to give you a quick update on how I am doing. I am now eating regular dog kibble just like all the other dogs!! I still am picky about my dog biscuits but hey at least I now eat regular dog food!!!

ADOPTED: I found the forever home I have always dreamed of and I will never want for food or love again!

My forever family!

Before Pictures Below

Picture courtesy of the Franklin County Animal Shelter




Date of Birth: 3/2008        
Description: female, blue with white marks, natural ears

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