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Jeremiah - ADOPTED

ADOPTED: It is a Christmas miracle!!! What are the chances that an old Dane would be adopted before a young adorable puppy!!! When my new parents saw I was returned to the rescue well they could not have that!! They had wanted to adopt me when I was at the rescue years ago but right when they started to fill out the application I was adopted so this time they wasted no time!!!

My new family!!! I am out of here!!

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Before Pictures & My Story Below

I was bred and sold by a backyard breeder in California and then dumped to fend for myself when I was just 8 months old. I was saved from a horrible life dodging cars and scavenging for food by the Salinas Animal Services. When my stray time was up Big Dog Rescue in Penngrove, CA. came for me. Unfortunately no one was overly interested in me at the time.

In June 2011 a man came from Ohio he was the director for the Humane Society of Delaware County and claimed to also train dogs to be therapy dogs. He told them he needed Danes because of our size and ease of reaching the people lying in hospital beds. Well to make a long story short he convinced the rescue to let him have me and 6 other Danes to bring back to Ohio. At first life was good he took me to work and showed me off and then one day he placed me up for adoption. A man named Jason from Georgetown, OH adopted me. Well to say it went downhill from there is putting it mildly. I lived with Jason for a while then I was given to Gary who gave me to a woman with horses and then to April and finally I ended up at Animal Rescue Fund in Amelia. My last owner April had called Harlequin Haven but before they could get back with her she decided I had to go and drove me to ARF. Shortly after I arrived at ARF, arrangements were made for HHGDR to come for me.

In January 2013 I was adopted and I thought I had found my forever home, well that was not meant to be. My mom died November 2018 and my family decided it was best if I came back to Harlequin Haven.



Date of Birth: 11/2009        
Description: male,  lightly marked harlequin, blue eyes, natural ears.

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