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ADOPTED: I came to the rescue 17 months ago and for a long time no one even asked about me. But that changed a few weeks ago and today I found my forever home! They say good things come to those that wait, well that is so true! I am so glad I waited!!!

My mommy, daddy and brother Thor!!
(My older brother Beauregard is not in this picture)

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Before Pictures & My Story Below

My family fell on hard times and had to move in with their parents. That was a relief until her parents said I had to go! With nowhere else for my family to go, they chose to surrender me to the rescue instead of offering me on Craigslist like so many others would have done. I thank them for that because here at the rescue I am safe, I have a soft bed, plenty of toys to play with and I have already made several new friends. I guess I may be better off than my family!!

Update 1/7: I am now ready for adoption!! I would do best in a home that someone is home all day with me, I am a very needy girl and really want to be the center of someones life or even the families life.
Update 1/28: Just wanted to give you a quick update!! When I came to the rescue I weighted 88 pounds and I now weigh 107 pounds!! My family said I could not gain weight. I think grandma here at the rescue felt that was a challenge.
Update 6/10: Wow can you believe I am still looking for my forever home???  Well I thought maybe some new pictures might help and I even added 2 showing me playing!! Check the pics out below!
Update 10/16:
Well I am still waiting for my real forever home but hopefully me not needing someone home with me all the time might help me find the right family!!! After tons of test and stuff the rescue and vets realized that my issue was my bladder muscles were weak. Typically you expect this issue with old dogs and I am far from an old dog!!  The good news is I started taking 1/2 a Proin twice a day and I have not had a single accident since!! I will have to stay on the Proin for the rest of my life. Don't panic though it only cost about $10 a month!!
Update 11/10: Check out my new pictures below!!
Update 12/25: Thanks Santa!!! I love my new toys and blanket!!! Although I really love it here at the rescue I hope that next year instead of all these swell toys that you give me the forever home that I keep dreaming of!!! Merry Christmas Santa and please thank Mrs. Claus and the elves too!! Okay NOW I am going to go play with my new toys!!!




Date of Birth: 1/9/2016            Breeder: Ted A. Wright - Darby Plains Danes
Description: female, harlequin, natural ears

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