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Hoover AKA Oliver

Breeder: Sheri Butcher  

I was sold by my breeder (Sheri Butcher) to a pet store called The Dog House in Tri-County Mall for resale. This pet store is owned and operated by a company called Danes R Us, Inc. but the phone number is listed as Petland.  On April 5, 2003 I was purchased by a wonderful young couple for $449.99 PLUS $35 for the Elective Puppy Warranty PLUS sales tax. They thought they were ready to be puppy parents, and maybe they would have been if I had been a healthy puppy. Unfortunately I was sick like the other puppies at the pet store. I had bordetella, commonly known as kennel cough. In the eight days I was with my new parents I visited the vet twice. I am now getting better thanks to my parents, but they felt that their life style would not allow them to give me the proper care and training I need, and they made the decision to turn me over to HHGDR after only 8 days.

The Rescue is very familiar with The Dog House. They have been in the news twice in the last six months for selling sick puppies. A Dane puppy which was purchased at The Dog House in 2002 was in The Great Dane Rescue of Ohio last year. Her name was Ziggy, and she, also, was sick when she went into rescue.

The Dog House pet store was evicted from the Tri-County Mall on April 24, 2003!!

My Dog House Contract
Please Note the Dog House changed my birth date to make me older then I really was.

My new mom spotted me on the HHGDR webpage and applied to adopt me as soon as I was well.  Unfortunately it took longer then either of us wanted but it finally happened!!  I have my forever home!!!

This is my brother Paddy playing with me!!!

I am getting bored again!!!

I didn't do it honest mom!!!

I am so handsome!!!

I am bored again!!

Honest mom I did not chew that spot on the couch!!

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