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My owners packed up and moved away leaving me in a fenced yard to starve or die from heat stroke. Luckily the neighbors called the Capital Area Humane Society and the humane agents rescued me. I was originally purchased from a breeder somewhere in Cleveland but no one has been able to find out who they are. I was at the shelter for a while, unfortunately I did not deal well with the noise and was very scared so they contacted HHGDR to come for me. I am a very sweet boy just looking for the right home. I was adopted last fall and thought I had found my forever home but unfortunately the other dogs in my home did not like me. So I am again looking for a forever home this time I would prefer to be an only dog!!

I found my forever home and although I am not an only dog I do love my sister Juno! Of course I love my mom and dad lots more!!

I am handsome aren't I?

What was that???

I think I like you!

What ya got?

Can I go too?

Hey I want all the loving!!!

Wonder where Juno is hiding?

Come on kid it's okay!

Wanta play some more?

You can't catch me!

For an old guy I still have some moves!

Are you rested yet?

Get lost kid I love being groomed!

You wanta do what??

Don't get fresh with my mom!!!

Mom says you are okay but I am still keeping an eye on you!!

Is it dinner time yet??

I am going to catch you!

You still can't catch me!

I love giving kisses!

Where is Santa?

Okay kid I am going to get ya know!

I am ignoring you!!

Bet we could have fun playing on that pile of dirt!

Don't we look like angels?

We make a great pair!

Are you talking about me?

Now this is a stroll in the country!

A quiet nap!!

Come on mom give me the ball!

Juno stop I want the ball!

I am still handsome!

Mom I am not a moose!

Was that a treat I saw you throw in here????

Yummy Kong treats!!

OH BOY a car ride!!!

The devil made me do it!!

Mom's home!!!

Scoot over I wanta sit on her lap too!

Honest I can squeeze in here!!

Come one I can't fit!!

Mom guess what I just ate!!!!

I love my mommy!!

I am NOT your pillow!

I am not in your bed mom honest!

Aren't we the best looking 2 men?

What the heck where did they all come from???

Mom, your bugging me!

Still handsome as ever!

Mommy carry me Please!!

Mom I don't need glasses!!

Still handsome as ever!!

I'm thinkin'

Still thinkin'

We finally got the couch broke in just right!!

Time to come to bed mom!!

I may be old but I am still handsome!!!

Is it dinner time???

I LOVE going for car rides!!

Mommy I am bored I think it is time for some ME time!!!

It's okay sis I give you a big hug!!

It's hard to be so handsome!!

Life is wonderful!

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