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Ghianti - ADOPTED

ADOPTED: I have found my forever home and I am lucky because Quaid was my bestest friend and our new parents adopted us both!! They loved us both so much they could not decide!! We also have a new brother his name is Hector and he is the greatest!! Life is wonderful!!!!

My forever family!! You can feel the love in the air!!

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Before Pictures & My Story Below

I have had a long hard life in a short amount of time. I was left in a basement to starve to death! My owner, her brother and his girlfriend were all tried and convicted of animal cruelty. I think the below pictures tell the story.

I want to thank the Butler County Dog Warden and the Animal Friends Humane Society for saving my life and getting justice for me. It took 3 months but it was worth it!! Click here to view the > court records.

As soon as the judge gave the Animal Friends Humane Society ownership of me I was immediately released to Harlequin Haven. As you will see from the second set of pictures I still have a ways to go before being ready for a new home. My tail is injured and will have to be amputated, I still have skin issues plus I need to gain more weight. Upon arrival to the rescue I weighted 104 pounds. Although I have been abused and neglected I still love humans.

Update June 7: I went to the vet yesterday and had a skin scrapping which was negative, then blood drawn and had my tail amputated. I now weigh 107.8 pounds so I still have a long way to go but it sure is fun gaining weight!!
Update June 12: Just a quick update, I now weigh 109.8!! I am slow at gaining but it sure is fun!! Well it is play time so I am going to go play!!
Update June 19: Great News I now weigh 113.4!!!
Update July 1: Oops I forgot to let you all know that I gained another pound last week!! I weighed in at 114.4. Only another couple days and I get weighed in again!!!
Update July 4: Great News!! I am continuing to gain weight!! I now weigh 116.6! I will have to get Grandma to take some new pics of me soon to show off how great I look!
Update July 17: I am still gaining weight. I now weigh 118.4 pounds!
Update July 24: I have not been on the scale yet this week. Grandma has been busy with the new mom and pups but I promise to jump on the scale later this week!
Update July 27: Oops I got on the scale yesterday I now weigh 120.2 pounds!!! NOW to get grandma to take some new pics of me!
Update July 31: I was weighted again this AM and I now weigh 122.4 pounds!! I also talked Grandma into taking a new picture of me!!! Aren't I cute!! Check out my new picture below!!!
Update August 7:
I am NOW ready for adoption!! I weigh 125 pounds. Although I can still stand to gain a few more pounds Grandma said I could start looking for that forever home!!! I however am afraid of some men and need time to get to know them before I really like them. Once I know them I am good with them I just need to know they are not going to hurt me!
Update November 5: Just figured I would give you a quick update!! So far needless to say no one has adopted me or even shown any interest in me but HEY that is okay because I have my family and friends here at the rescue and I am loved so I am content!! My hair is still thin on my back and Grandma told me it probably always will be due to the neglect I suffered. But I am handsome and happy so that is what matters!! Grandma took some new pictures of me yesterday and I have placed them below!!
Update December 27: I just wanted to give you a quick update and tell you all about my new toys I got for Christmas!! I am doing great and especially after Santa came and gave me all my new toys!! I got a new Wubba, cuz chicken, nylabone, fleece rope toy and a stuffed whale!! I never had so many new toys and Santa gave these all just to me!!! I love my new toys so very much!!! Also I wanted to let you know that I have learned that men are not all bad it was just the jerks that I lived with before that were bad!! Thanks to Santa I know men are good!! Okay I have to go play with my new toys!!!
Update March 18: It is hard to believe that a little over a year ago I was locked in a basement starving to death and NOW I am a happy healthy boy! Now to find my forever home!!
Update March 24: I am still waiting!! Come on forever home where are you?

Pictures above compliments of the Animal Friends Humane Society.





Date of Birth: 2/2009        
Description: male, black, natural ears, tail docked

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