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Charlie & Roxanne

I was dumped out on a country road in Darke County.  When my owners could not be found they called HHGDR to save me.  I was not at rescue long when my forever mom and dad came for me and yes it was love at first sight!!

I was adopted in 2000 and in September of 2001 we decided I needed a sister so we went back to the rescue.  We found Roxanne and again it was love at first sight.  Roxanne had been taken to the shelter because the owners said she played too rough with the small dog in the home.  She had been used a few too many times for breeding and YES she had recently had pups when she was brought to rescue.  When the rescue had her spayed she started bleeding and after several transfusions and lots of TLC she recovered.  The vets said it was from being over bred!!!  Well Roxanne is happy and healthy now and I am thrilled to have her as a sister!!

Sad news. Charlie died of Cancer August 2005.

I now have a new brother. He is not Charlie but he is a good brother!!

I can't wait to open my presents that are under the tree!!!

Roxanne doing what she does best <G>

I get to play dress up with my sister!!

Of course Riley thinks I should share my bed!


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