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Cameo & Dejavu

Cameo & Dejavu are sisters but not litter mates.  The breeder kept breeding even after Cameo's litter where she found she was producing deaf pups with a hereditary eye problem.  The breeder had agreed to spay the mother after the first litter but needless to say she didn't.  Rescue again took the deaf pups from the 2nd litter and hopefully the breeder did stop breeding as we have never heard from her again.  Luckily for Cameo a volunteer with HHGDR fell in love with her and when Dejavu came into rescue she knew she had to have the sister.  Both girls are legally blind but they have a loving forever home which has worked with them so they both lead very normal lives.  

Cameo & Dejavu with their 2 legged sister Nina.

From their mom: The girls are most always together. Where one goes the other follows. Cameo is Dejavu's seeing eye dog on walks, taking the lead so Deja doesn't have to worry about where to step. When people are met the roles are reversed Dejavu is the leader. I believe though Cameo sees the object itself better she doesn't see it well enough to know what it is and Dejavu seems to assure her that it is indeed a person and not a scary object so the kisses begin. These girls brighten our lives every day. The best thing we ever did for them and for ourselves is to bring them together.

Cameo, Dejavu and their 2 legged brother Nathan resting!!

The family portrait!  

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