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I was picked up roaming the busy streets of Columbus and taken to the Franklin County Animal Shelter. As you can see from my pictures I have had a very rough beginning to my short life!  I was forced to fend for myself before I was old enough to realize what that meant. I did not know a kind word till I arrived at the Animal Shelter and now at the rescue. I have calluses that many old dogs don't have and I am just a puppy. All I keep hearing is how can anyone be so cruel to a puppy!!  I can answer that, very easy. I have experienced more in my few months on this earth then many have experienced in a lifetime! People can be so cruel and so heartless!! My owners had choices they could have taken me to the Animal Shelter or even better never have gotten me!!! Surprising to all, is that I still care for humans, I want so much to please and to be loved!

The Rescue says I will be here for a while, since I am so underweight and will have to gain this weight very slowly, I only weigh 30 pounds. If I eat too much too quickly I get diarrhea and could get really sick. Please keep me in your prayers!

Update March 23: I have been at the Rescue now for 1 week and love it here! I am being fed small portions every few hours and the food is really yummy! Grandma went and got me special food from the vet so that it would be easier for me to digest and it would not upset my tummy. I really love this food because I can have more of it then the regular food! I got to meet a bunch of the volunteers this week and although at first I was afraid of them (I thought they might puppynap me) I quickly realized they loved me as much as Grandma does!! They all gave me gentle pats and lots of hugs and kisses, I love hugs and kisses!! Oops I almost forgot to tell you, I now weigh 40 pounds!! Grandma says I need to gain at least another 20 pounds.
Update April 5: Just a quick update to let you know that I now weigh 47.8 pounds! Gotta run and go play!!
Update April 28: Well I finally got Grandma to take a new picture of me and I think you agree I look so much better. I now weigh 54 pounds!

Update May 17: I am finally ready for adoption!! I have turned into a very beautiful girl. At this point all agree I will be a small girl but I promise to make up for my lack of size with love!!

ADOPTED: I found a wonderful family that loves me as much as I love them!!

My new forever family!!

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Date of Birth: 10/2007        
Description: female, black with white markings, natural ears

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