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Boomer - ADOPTED

ADOPTED: I got my wish for Christmas, okay so I had to wait till my new mom got home from vacation but it was worth the wait, heck I waited almost 3 years to find the right mom!! I have 3 great siblings and one "Gianna" was also adopted from Harlequin Haven! HAPPY NEW LIFE!!!

I love life and especially my new mom!!!

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Before Pictures & My Story Below

Almost 5 years ago I was found roaming the busy streets of Columbus and taken to the Franklin County Animal Shelter. When I arrived at the shelter I was scanned and found to have a microchip. The microchip was registered with the Hunte Corporation. When the animal shelter called the Hunte Corporation they were told I was sold to Petland on Hamilton Road in Columbus. They then contacted Petland who gave them the name of the woman that purchased me. When the shelter contacted her she told them she did not want me back and she had given me to someone but did not know them and had no way to contact them. I was not licensed and I was scared to death at the shelter, when my stray time was up HHGDR was contacted to come for me. I was not at the rescue long when a family adopted me. I thought I had my forever home but unfortunately I was wrong!

After 4.5 years I was returned to the rescue! My dad told the rescue I was dog and human aggressive. I am being evaluated now but so far the rescue has not found I have any issues with aggression except I do HATE needles!! They are however very concerned with the fact that I weigh over 170 pounds!! I am a small boy and should only weigh 110 pounds! Okay so I am obese! I am going out with 9 other dogs and having a great time playing until I can no longer play because I am exhausted. I am waiting for the results of a thyroid test and if that is negative I guess I will be on a very, very LONG diet!!

Update March 27: Well I got weighted and I now weigh 154 pounds!! In 2 weeks I lost 16 pounds!!! Yes I still have a long ways to go but at least I am headed in the right direction!!
Update April 10: Okay dieting is NOT easy but with Grandma's help I am sticking with my diet!! We did get the results of my thyroid test back and it is 100% normal so you got it my problem was just over eating!! I now weigh 141 pounds and am able to do more exercising, although not a lot! I have at least another 30 pounds to lose but I am determined to lose all this weight!! Hey on a high point I am almost half way there!! Grandma offered to take new pictures of me but since so many people said I looked like a fat cow in my other pictures I told her I wanted to wait till you could really see how beautiful I am!!
Update May 8: Well not much great news here lately. I am still dieting but unfortunately I have only lost a pound!! Grandma told me this was to be expected but it really is depressing! Dieting sure is NO fun!!! Oh well I guess I will just keep working at it and yes exercising! YUCK!!
Update May 22: I am continuing to diet and still not having much luck! I am losing about 1 pound ever 2 weeks!! It sure was more fun gaining the weight then trying to lose the weight!!
Update June 19: Well losing weight is not as easy as it looks I ended up gaining back a few pounds I now weigh 145! I really have no clue how it happened. My food is measured and I only get a certain amount of low fat treats but it happened! Grandma says I am going to have to get more exercise and maybe even go swimming! Sure hope I don't sink!
Update July 4: Well I have not yet went swimming because I got really scared and Grandma says it needs to be a fun thing so we are working on getting into the pool! But on a high note I have lost more weight, not tons but hey this dieting stuff ain't easy!! I now weigh 143.6. When I came back to the rescue in March I had 60 pounds to lose so in 4 months I have lost 26.4 pounds, how many of you can say that?
Update September 11: I am sorry I have not kept you updated but dieting is depressing! I now weigh 137 pounds and yes I still have a long ways to go but I begged Grandma to make me available for adoption so that maybe someone would adopt me and help me to lose this weight! Grandma doesn't have the time to take me for long walks like I need plus there really is no where around here to go for those walks.

Update June 17: Needless to say I never lost all the weight I needed to lose although I still am sorta dieting I have decided that some dogs just are meant to be stocky just like people! Besides I am handsome just the way I am!! Today I agreed to let Grandma take some new pictures of me and you will see that I am very handsome!! Plus the other day I heard someone say they were interested in one of the other Danes just because of his eyes they said something about the eyes spoke to them!! Now I do not understand how the eyes talk but I am giving it my best shot!! Do my eyes speak to you????




Date of Birth: 4/20/2005         
Description: male, harlequin, natural ears

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