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As you can tell I am not a Dane but I am here at Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue to hopefully get well and maybe in time find a forever home. My life was saved by Don at Lost Pet Recovery!! He cared enough to come and trap me (I was too scared to let people touch me, afraid they would hurt me). The next day Don drove over 2 hours to bring me here to Grandma. I am being fostered here until I am healthy enough to go to a foster home for LPR or to be adopted, they said that is all to be decided later.

The next morning Grandma took me to the vet. The vet found that I have diabetes, heartworm, lyme disease, hypothyroid, a corneal ulcer on my left eye and that I am dehydrated and as you can see emaciated, I weigh a whopping 36.1 pounds. But hey I do not have worms nor ear infections!!! I was so tired and weak when we were at the vets that I fell asleep on the x-ray table!!

I am now getting poked with needles everyday but although they hurt for some reason they also are making me feel so much better. Grandma is feeding me 6 times per day and I am loving every single bite!!

I just have 1 question for my owners that threw me out to fend for myself. Was I such a bad dog that you couldn't have taken me to a animal shelter or to the vet to have me humanely euthanized? Anything would have been better then dodging cars, struggling to stay warm in the rain and lets not forget starving because I could not find food!! Are you happy now?

Update 10/28: Today was spa day and although I never had a spa day before it was pretty great!! I got my nails cut, my ears cleaned and best of all I got a bath!!! The bath was the best!!! Oh yeah I also got weighted I now weigh 40.6 pounds!!
Update 11/05: I am feeling much better and sure do enjoy all the meals I keep being served, but I did not gain as much weight as Grandma wanted me to! I now weigh 41.8 pounds. Darn NOW I get more food!! YUMMY!!! I added some new pictures below just so you can see my progress. Although I do not look much better I sure do feel better!
Update 11/12: Great News!! I got on the scale today and I now weigh 45 pounds!!! My sugar is now under control so between that and the weight gain I guess I will not be having any more food increase so I guess I am stuck with just 7 1/2 cups of food each day!! I sure do love eating though!!!  Okay time to eat again!!!
Update 11/20: More good news! I went to the vet this morning and I now weigh 47.9 pounds and my blood work was great!! I will be starting my heartworm treatment soon!!!
Update 11/26: I have added 2 new pictures of me, 1 is of me sleeping Grandma thought I looked adorable!! Also, I start my heartworm treatment tomorrow!!! Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers!!
Update 11/27: Just a quick update I now weigh 52.2 pounds and have had my first of 3 heartworm treatments. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as heartworm treatment is hard on a healthy dog and there is little to no research on dogs with diabetes having the immiticide.
Update 1/3: Sorry I have taken so long to check in but after my first heartworm treatment I struggled getting my blood sugar regulated. Last week I had my last 2 heartworm treatments and all went well! I now weigh 58.1 pounds and I eat 5 meals a day!! I love to eat!!! I will have Grandma take some new pictures of me soon!
Update 3/5: Wow time really flies when you feel good and getting fed!! But with good news comes bad news!! I am now on a diet! I got fat overnight well at least it seemed like it was overnight!! I am still eating 5 meals (I won't let Grandma cut me out of a meal) but they are tiny. My blood sugar is regulated pretty well now and so life is good!!
Update 3/9: Today I had spa day and I got my nails and ears done and was brushed all over! I love spa day!! I even got weighted (YUCK) I now weigh 60.4 pounds!!
Update 3/17: Well tomorrow is a big day I will be spayed!! I have never had a surgery so I am a bit nervous but Grandma says it is better then the alternative. I am not sure what she means but I do trust her!
Update 4/4: Well, I am now ready for adoption. I have been spayed, I now weigh 56 pounds, I had my heartworm treatment, I was treated for Lyme disease and YES I still eat 5 meals a day (I love to eat) although my meals are just 1/2 cup of dry prescription dog food and my sugar must be tested several times a day and I must receive 2 insulin shots each day and let's not forget I am blind. I am a very loving dog and I do expect to be petted pretty much the whole time I am awake!! If you wish to adopt me, you may fill out an application but please realize I have been through a lot, and I will be picky. I have added my latest picture below.

Update 4/24: Grandma and I sat down and had a talk last night. I told her I love her and I don't want to find a new family!! So I asked her if she could be my Mommy instead of my Grandma and she said YES!!! I want to again thank Don with Lost Pet Recovery for not only saving my life but for finding me my forever home!!

Please can you spare a few dollars to help the Rescue continue to help me and other Danes like me? It would be greatly appreciated. Without the Rescue who knows where we would have ended up!!
Thanks, Cahira

The above pictures are from Lost Pet Recovery

10/23 10/24


11/26 4/4

Date of Birth: 10/2011        
Description: female, fawn, natural ears

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