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Jezebelle - Courtesy Post

Interested in adopting me?  Click here for my>> Adoption Procedures

Callie and I were two of the 5 horses involved in a cruelty case in Clermont County, only 4 of us survived. My owner pled guilty on 3 counts and the other 2 were dismissed.

I have gained all my weight and I am feeling great!! The vet says that I have arthritis and can not be ridden and that I must be a pasture pet and I do need medicine for my arthritis. I am a very sweet and loving girl and I love other horses and humans and I do my best to please all!! I really do deserve a wonderful forever home after all that I have been through!
Update 11/18: Callie and I were talking the other day we really love each other and would love to be adopted together!! Wouldn't you love 2 sweet and loving horses??  Check out my new pictures below! Update 4/24/19: Well Callie and I have decided that although we would love to stay together we want real forever homes so if need be, we can be separated. I am only available as a pasture pet.

Update 5/26/19: Well it happened as we both suspected, Callie was adopted and now has her forever home!  I can only hope that someone someday will want me to keep their other horses company!! I am a very beautiful and loving horse and just need a loving home to live out my days.

If you are interested in adopting me please click on the Adoption Procedures link at the top of the page.

Please can you spare a few dollars to help the Rescue continue to help me and other like me it would be greatly  appreciated. Without the rescue who knows where we would have ended up!!
Thanks, Jezebelle


      10/30 Callie and I


Breed: Grade - Quarter Type
Date of Birth: 2/2000
Description: Mare, Dark Bay - Black

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