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Katrina Dog -- Fluffy
Owner Located!!

My owner was located but unfortunately was unable to take me at that time. My owner was at a San Antonio Shelter and until she can found a new apartment and job. Fluffy will stay at his foster home till his owner comes for him. 
Fluffy will NOT be available for adoption!!

Updated: Years have passed and my owner no longer contacts the rescue or my foster mom to see how I am let alone to come for me. My foster family still believes my owner will come for me even though I no longer believe she will! Unfortunately because my owner was located and even though she no longer is in contact with the rescue I can never have a forever home! I am lucky though my foster family treats me as if I was one of their own!!

Fluffy makes a new friend. Cameron is also a displaced Hurricane Katrina survivor. Cameron is in the 1st grade and living in Amelia, OH.

Do you think it is dinner time yet?

WOW I look like a tourist!!

About time ya take me out for dinner!!

I love going sight seeing!!

Ain't I cute!!

I can play just as rough as you Phoebe!!

Okay Phoebe give me my head back!

Do what?? Not us!!

Your the new kid you get the soft spot!!

Breed: Golden Retriever 
Age: approximately 2 - 3 years old
Description: Male, red
Location Found: New Orleans, LA

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation for the care of these dogs, please click on the donate button and in comments write "Katrina dogs."

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