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Panosteitis is a disease of the long bones most often seen in young dogs of giant breeds. These dogs usually show signs of lameness which often is seen in different legs at different times. German Shepherds are the most common breed affected.

The cause of this disease is unknown. X-ray findings are used to diagnose this condition, however laboratory tests are sometimes necessary to rule out other causes of lameness. The primary signs seen on the X-rays include inflammation of the bones of the legs.  However, many times no lesions are apparent on the x-rays of a limping dog.

Dogs usually show a sudden onset of lameness beginning in the front legs. It most often seen at 5-12 months of age. The disease often persists for 2-6 months, but can last up to 10 months. Lameness is often intermittent and sporadic. Lameness may switch from one leg to another. The degree of pain and discomfort will vary.

Full recovery usually occurs within 6 months with no permanent after-effects.

Treatments useful in this disease include:

*Limited exercise. Since the pet's condition may vary from day to
day, let him/her exercise as much as he/she desires. During painful periods, inactivity is to be expected and desired.
*Prescription diets
*Anti-inflammatory medication
*Pain medication in severe cases
*AVOID food supplements unless prescribed by the doctor

Notify your Vet if any of the following occur:
*Your pet's legs become swollen
*Your pet seems unusually uncomfortable
*There is a change in your pet's general health.

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