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My dad purchased me from a backyard breeder that refused to take me back. So dad released me to Harlequin Haven when mom left us and he had no where to go with me. Dad was a long distance truck driver and unfortunately I was to big to ride in the cab of the truck, although he wanted to try the company he worked for said no!

I am deaf and also have had HOD. My right front leg is extremely deformed. Within minutes of me arriving at the rescue, my new Grandma made an appointment for me to see the orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday to find out what can be done to repair my leg. She has already told me it is not cheap and that we will have to fundraise to try to raise the money for a surgery.

The great part about coming to the rescue, besides to hopefully get my leg fixed is I have found one of my litter mates!! Sapphire is believed to be my sister and has told me how great the rescue is and has been to her!! Below is a picture of our reunion!
Update June 22: I went to see the Orthopedic surgeon today and he said he can repair my leg but that it will never be perfect. There has already been too much damage with the HOD and the length of time that has passed but he said it will be greatly improved.  My surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday. Now I only have to come up with $2500. Can you help me by donating a few dollars?? I promise to be good and repay all that donate to me with plenty of doggie kisses!!! Please help me to have a more normal life so I can run and play just like Sapphire!!!
Update: I now only need $2470
Update June 23: I now only need $2400, Thank you to all that have donated!!!
Update June 26: Please can someone donate towards my surgery? Grandma told me that without at least half of the money donated my surgery will be canceled. She said the rescue just can not afford that much money right now! She told me that up till a few months ago we had over half of our dog food donated and now the rescue is having to buy the food and with this economy there is just not enough money. Please help me I still need $2375.
Thank you, to all that have donated money towards my surgery!! I now only need $2130
Update June 27: GREAT NEWS!!! Right as Grandma was going to cancel my surgery appointment a wonderful donor donated $900 which gives me half of the cost of my surgery. The rest will go on the rescues credit card!! THANK YOU so very much!! Now I will need to raise enough money to pay off the balance on the credit card before we have to order more dog food!! I promise to have Grandma let you know how the surgery goes tomorrow!
Update June 28: Trey had his surgery and is recovering at this time. His tendons were encapsulated in bone which made his surgery a bit more difficult but overall the Orthopedic surgeon thinks all went very well. He will come home tomorrow if all goes well this evening. Thanks to all that have donated towards Trey's surgery we could not have done it without you. He now only needs $1100.
Update June 30: Sorry I did not let you know how I was doing, but I was just enjoying being home and my new leg!! I did not think my leg would look so great! Check out my new pictures below! Thanks to all that have donated so I can have a normal life and leg!! Now to just pay off the credit card!
Update July 1: Life is good and I am enjoying all the added attention I am getting! Last night I accidently got my bandage on my paw wet and I immediately got to go for a ride back to the vet! Everyone hovered over me like I was a king or something!! I got a new bandage and then got to go back home!! I was happy as a bug in a rug but Grandma was kinda grumpy!! She kept saying she needed to be in bed and not driving me around in the middle of the night!! About an hour after we got home she woke me up to tell me it was breakfast time!! Life is grand! Of course that trip back to the vet cost another $158 but hey I had fun!!! BTW, I want to thank all that have donated to my medical fund I now need $1138. Guess I kinda went in the wrong direction didn't I? But I had fun, doesn't that count for anything???
Update July 3: I love it here at the rescue!! I got to go for 2 more late night car rides to the emergency clinic to have my leg re-bandaged!! I got my bandage wet again Friday & Saturday night and since it has to be kept dry, well you get the picture. The ER people are great they hug and hold me really tightly giving me kisses while the vet changes the bandage. Grandma sure doesn't seem to like the nightly car rides though. I wanted to update you all yesterday because I love playing on the computer too, but Grandma said I was grounded. She is sleeping now so what she doesn't know won't hurt her!! On Friday night the vet was really kind and did not charge us but she too was a bit grumpy last night and charged Grandma $104 for the bandage change. I think that is a bargain for all the hugs and kisses I am getting! Of course NOW my bill is at $1242. Grandma says I need a 24 hour babysitter to watch my bandage but I think I need more hugs and kisses! Oops she just woke up so I gotta go; hope she doesn't see the slobber on the keyboard!!
Well Grandma found the slobber and knew it was me so she told me since I am so chatty I best own up to what I have been doing causing the late night trips to the ER. She says I am a spoiled brat, but I am arguing I am a love bug! On Thursday night I had an accident and pottied in my crate and well instead of viewing the trip to the ER as a bad thing I found it to be rewarding. I mean really, all that extra loving! So then Friday night I dumped my water and now she has taken my water away when I am not being watched. Well Saturday I got bored so since I could not dump the water I decided to potty again and sure enough we went back to the ER. She says that is not a smart thing to do but hey it got the results I wanted!! The ER vet and Grandma did tell me that if my leg got infected that I would be in big trouble that I was not a candidate for an amputation, since I had HOD my other legs are not strong enough. Yes I sorta listened but I am a love bug and a puppy!! I promised her I would try harder to be a good boy. Oh before I forget I now have an appointment scheduled with the Orthopedic surgeon to recheck and re-bandage my leg on Tuesday. This was not planned but since the ER vets had to change it 3 times so far they felt that the surgeon should check it out and make sure all is still okay. Oops almost forgot I also had my picture taken again, check it out below!!!
Update July 4: Grandma is so proud of me!!! I did not get my paw wet last night so we did not make a trip to the ER!!! She gave me extra hugs and kisses for being a good boy!! Of course she did call for back up yesterday! She said she was too old and tired to keep up with me and Gianna, Ghianti, Myles and all the rest. So Auntie D and her family are helping with all my potty runs and keeping me entertained in between. It sure is nice having all this attention and extra loving! Yep I am special!
Update July 6: Sorry for no update yesterday but I was too busy asking for more loving!! I went to see the orthopedic surgeon yesterday to get my bandage redone and will go again tomorrow and hopefully will get some of the bandage removed. I have been a good boy and have not gotten my bandage wet anymore of course it has helped that Auntie D and her family are trying to keep me extra busy!! Oh well time for more attention so I gotta go!!!
Update July 7: Great news!! The bandage is off!! Of course NOW my exercise is even more limited since I do not have the braces on my leg, but it still feels great to not have that bandage on any longer!!! The surgeon said that so far so good! I go back at the end of July or first of August for a recheck!! I will try to talk Grandma into taking a picture soon.
Update July 10: I finally got Grandma to take a picture of my leg so you could see how great it looks!!! Scroll down to see it!!! I also wanted to give you an update I now only need $1207 to cover my surgery cost!!
Update July 17: Not much happening to write about! I am trying to be good and just rest so my leg heals so bottom line is I am bored! Yes I have toys but still knowing the other dogs are running and playing it sure is hard!! Oh well only a few more weeks before my next check up!! I know it will be worth the wait!!!
Update July 24: I go this coming Thursday for my 5 week checkup and I can not wait!! I just hope that I will soon be released so I can run, jump and play just like the others!! My sister Sapphire was adopted yesterday and I will miss seeing her but I am very happy for her!! Also I now only need $1107 to pay for my surgery!!! Well I guess I will take another nap till lunch time, this sure is boring!
Update July 31: I went to the Orthopedic surgeon on Thursday and I have to go back and see him in 6 more weeks!! I was really hoping I would be released soon but he said no that I need more crate rest!! This is really boring!!!
Update August 28: Only another 10 days till I visit the Orthopedic surgeon and hopefully will be released for adoption!! I can not wait!!
Update September 8: I am now ready for adoption. My leg is not as perfect as all had hoped but I told them it works fine for me! I just want my forever home!! Update November 5: Sorry I have not updated you lately but I have been very busy playing with my friends!! I love running and playing!! Grandma even took some new pictures of me and I have posted them below!! I especially love the last one but Grandma told me I had to stand still for at least one or two!! BTW, Kylee did not catch me!
Update May 20: Well I am still waiting for my forever home. No one wants me because my legs are not straight!! Please don't judge me by my legs, I am able to run, jump and play just like other dogs!! I am a very sweet and loving boy and would love a family to love me as much as I promise to love them!!!
Update June 17: Okay well showing pictures of me running did not help me find my forever home so maybe pictures of me sitting and being good will help! Ya know I get that people want the perfect dog but HEY are you perfect???  Do you know that more people email and call about Einstein then they do me??? Really people!!!!!!!! I am not perfect but I will bet you that I will give you more love and happiness then dumb stuffed Einstein!! Plus I give kisses!!!Check out my pictures below!!

Update October 20: I thought I had found my forever home but I was wrong! I have been with other dogs all my life and to be an only dog was way too much for me and my almost family. Of course it did not help that I did not like their vet and the vet did not like me!! I want a home with another dog so I do not get scared and lonely when my owners leave. I promise I can be a very good boy!!!

Please can you spare a few dollars to help the Rescue continue to help me and other Danes like me? It would be greatly  appreciated. Without the Rescue who knows where we would have ended up!!
Thanks, Trey








Date of Birth: 2/1/2010        Breeder: Alan Drake
Description: male, merle mantle, natural ears, Deaf
HHGDR Suggests: Obedience Class, crate - Must have hearing dog in home
Good With: Dogs, Adults, Children, Cats

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