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I have had a lot of homes in my short life and Grandma here at the rescue said it was no fault of mine!! I went from my breeder to a man who sold me to the Animal House Pet Store and within hours I was sold to a couple who did not realize how expensive owning a Great Dane was! Lucky for me this time I was given to the woman's sister who tried her best to keep me, but she already had 4 dogs of her own, but she wanted what was best for me, so she contacted Harlequin Haven and asked for their help!! I am a very sweet and intelligent young lady and I try my best to please everyone but remember I am still a puppy!! Now I need to go relax and enjoy my new friends and toys till dinner time.

Update 9/16: Well I didn't have any eye surgery like Kristina I only got spayed! In a couple of weeks, I will start to look for my new forever home and hopefully it is just that a loving forever home!!
Update 9/26: Great News!!! I am NOW ready for adoption!!! I can't wait to find my forever home!!! Are you my forever home??? Oh yeah Grandma said I could use an obedience class, she said something about I am a bit too happy. I am not sure what that means? But then I do not know what an obedience class is either!!
Update 3/13: I am still waiting for my forever home and yep my obedience class!! Good homes are sure hard to find!!!

Update 7/10: Wow it sure has been hot this summer!!! We got some new pictures last week but it was so hot I just laid in the shade, I have 1 new picture below. Also, Grandma said that I am a wee bit on the chunky side so NOW I need a family that will take me for walks or play with me outside so I can loose a pound or two!! Yeah you got it I do not understand what she means.

Please can you spare a few dollars to help the Rescue continue to help me and other Danes like me? It would be greatly appreciated. Without the Rescue who knows where we would have ended up!!
Thanks, Kiki




Date of Birth: 12/2019         
Description: female, fawn mismarked mantle, natural ears
HHGDR Suggests: Obedience Class, crate
Good With: Dogs, Cats, Adults, Older Children

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