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June 2004 - November 6, 2007

Adopted July 7, 2007
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My story is not a pretty one but that you must know so what happened to me doesn't happen to another Great Dane or any dog or animal.

In September I went to what I was told was a Rescue. I weighted 125 pounds and for the most part I was healthy. NOW in December I weigh 80 pounds. They say my weight should be 140 - 150 pounds.

When I was no longer wanted I was taken to this so called rescue and thought I was to find a new forever home that would love and care for me. Instead the rescue never took me to the vet and I was left chained outside to a block building and if that was not bad enough she was not feeding me. She told everyone that I was being fed 2 times a day but when you look at my pictures you will know that is not true. As winter approached I prayed each night to die, being cold and hungry had to be worst then being dead.

Finally, one day she called a friend and told her that I was ill and that she did not think I would make it through the night. She said that I was not eating and was stumbling around and could not stand up. The friend told her to take me to the vet. When we arrived her friend met us and was horrified at what she saw. I was rushed in for emergency treatment.

Comments from the Vet Tech: He was having seizures upon arrival.  I took him into the clinic where it took 3 Veterinarians and 4 Vet Techs to help keep this poor dog alive.  His glucose was 39 (supposed to be over 200), his temperature was so low it would not register on a thermometer.  He was hypothermic, it took 1 1/2 hours to get his
temperature to 92 degrees with body heaters, warmed IV fluids and heated blankets.

The next thing I remember was waking up, warm on a soft bed with IV fluids reviving my body. After several days they contacted HHGDR to come for me. 

December 8: I now am resting at a REAL Rescue receiving small amounts of food every two hours. I am so hungry but they say I can't have a lot of food at once because it will make me sick. I now have a warm soft bed and am receiving lots of hugs and kisses. I am now glad to be alive and my new Grandma promised me I will never suffer again.
Update December 11: I just thought I would let you all know how it is going. But first I want to Thank the nice people at the Shawnee Animal Clinic for saving my life and for giving me the will to live and also all the wonderful people who have written to me with words of support!
      I am still getting tons of little meals a day but I have noticed that I am getting a tad more then before. Grandma said she will increase my food just a bit each time till I can eat the normal amount then I will have to switch over to regular food. Right now I am on all prescription diet food with yogurt and cottage cheese and goodies like that! I will be going to the vet either tomorrow or Tuesday to get weighted and also have more blood work done Grandma says that they need to keep a close watch to make sure I am doing okay. I will write again once I know how much weight I have gained. Now I have to go to bed and get more rest. 
Update December 13: I just got back from the vets office and I now weigh 84.9 pounds!! I had a great time too! I was begging food until Grandma caught me and then she told all to stop slipping me goodies behind her back! She did get me some toys to keep me busy and a chew bone because she said I was such a good boy today! Well I am going to go eat lunch and play with my new toys!
Update December 16: I wanted to let you know that your prayers are working, each day I feel a little bit better. I love getting fed every few hours but Grandma says that will be ending soon and I will be getting fed 4 times a day. I am not happy with that!! She promises that I will get the same amount of food though but I will let you know!! She says I act like a baby bird every time I see her I want food! :-) I sure like being inside and I hate to go outside even to potty but I am a good boy and I never mess up my room! Well it is time for breakfast so I best get ready to eat!! Thanks to all that have donated and prayed for me!!
Update December 21: Sorry I have not written sooner but I was waiting to give my updated weight, which I will give a bit later. Well Grandma did what she said and she has started cutting back the number of times I am fed and increasing the amount so that I am still getting the same amount total. She kept mumbling something about needing sleep! So I am not upset with the fewer feedings at least not yet. The rescue had grooming day on Sunday that is where the volunteers come and groom the dogs and I got to come and visit all the volunteers. They did not really groom me but I did get a lot of extra love, hugs and kisses!! Below you will get to see pics taken of me on grooming day. (Grandma camera is not working right so a volunteer took my picture.) By the way my blood work came back and Grandma said it was good but I will have it tested again later this week or the first of next week. When I asked why she told me that it shows how I am recovering, I really don't understand but hey if I need it I guess I need it right? Okay now for my announcement!! I NOW weigh 98 pounds!! Surprising what food will do for a guy, huh!! Well it is time for my bedtime snack and I don't want to be late!!
Update December 24: Just a quick update! I got on the scale again and I now weigh 100 pounds! I have a new friend his name is Dillon he came to the rescue on Thursday night. He was scared at first but I told him it was okay that Grandma will love him and feed him and all will be okay. Today we told the other dogs to be thankful for what they have but all they talk about is Santa Claus coming! They sure are a spoiled bunch of brats!! 
Update December 25: This was a wonderful day! Santa came last night and left us presents! Dillon and I got big soft beds, treats and toys it was wonderful! I felt guilty at first accepting all the gifts after all I was given a wonderful gift just 20 days ago when my life was saved! But now I have real hope for the future. Grandma said a New Year is coming and that things will even get better. She said that I will gain all my weight and someday soon I will find my forever home, where it will seem like Christmas everyday! Thank You Santa and all the Elves for making a day so special to a homeless Dane.
Update December 30: Well just thought I would give you a quick update! I now weigh 107.6!! Isn't life amazing? In a few days it will be a month since I was rescued and thought I was dying and actually I was praying to die now I look forward to each and everyday!!! 
Update January 6: I NOW weigh 115.6 pounds and Grandma is proud of how well I am doing!! I am getting 4 meals a day and enjoy each and everyone of them!! I am a very good boy and have no food aggression even though I almost starved to death!!
Update January 15: Well not a big weight gain the last 8 days but I am still gaining!! I now weigh 118.2!! I asked Grandma to take some new pics of me today so I could share with you!! Unfortunately it appears that I will have scars to remember my abuse, as if I need them to remember! Click here to see >> my new pictures.
Update January 22: Just letting you know that I now weigh 125.4 pounds!!
Update February 5: I am at my correct weight now according to Grandma!! I now weigh 130 pounds and she says I am perfect!!! I have gained 50 pounds in 2 months!!! She promises to take new pictures of me soon so I can show you how handsome I have become!! Unfortunately even though I am again healthy I am not ready for adoption. I have to wait to hear what is happening with my case, at this time I do not even know if it will be going to court or not. Please pray that I do not get returned to that other rescue!!
Update February 26: I got the news today that my case will not be going to court, I have been released to HHGDR and as soon as I am neutered I will be available for adoption! Thanks for all your prayers and support I am safe and I don't have to worry about ever going back to that horrible place!!!
Update March 5: Well I got on the scale again and I have gained a few more pounds I now weigh 135.6. Grandma says if I don't stop gaining I will have to go on a diet soon. Also, my appointment has been scheduled for March 7th I will go to be neutered, unfortunately my luck it will not be a normal surgery. I have a retained testicle so it will be a lot more complicated then a normal neuter.
Update March 15: I have been neutered and am NOW ready for adoption!  I am a very good boy and I want a very good home!! I want a home that will play with me! I love to play basket ball and many other games. I am shy and do not trust people but HEY can you blame me? But once I know I am safe I am a real lover boy!!

Update November 6: The day that Justice had dreamed of came in July, he found the mom and dad he had been waiting for! He was adopted July 7, 2007, on November 6, 2007 Justice Crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He had been diagnosed 6 days earlier with inoperable cancer.

Please scroll down to see the before and after pictures



The above pictures were taken at the Shawnee Animal Clinic.




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