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I was found roaming the streets and taken to the Animal Shelter.  When my stray time was up they called HHGDR to come for me.  

I was at the rescue a really long time and well Grandma and Grandpa and I fell in love so I have decided that this is my forever home. I sleep in bed with them every night and go almost everywhere with them. Plus I will never have to leave my swimming pool and I even get to teach the new dogs how to swim!! I love teaching others how to swim!!

Sorry, I am no longer available for adoption. 
Please read my story
Updated 7/24/05

The rescue took me to see an orthopedic surgeon because they could see that something was wrong with my left rear leg. I never did use it normally, but the regular vets never found a problem. As I grew, the problem seemed to be getting worse, so an appointment was made for me to see Dr. Steve Schrader on April 20.

He was so kind and gentle and quick at diagnosing my problem. I have a left femoral head luxation. In doggy words that means that my left hip is dislocated and has been for a long time. Dr. Schrader says I need surgery, so next Wednesday, April 28, I am scheduled to have it done.

Today’s visit cost over $200 and next week’s surgery is estimated to cost over $800 if I have a Femoral Head and Neck Excisional Arthroplasty (FHO). To be fixed like new with a total hip replacement costs over $4000. The rescue cannot afford either of these surgeries without your help. I will be happy if I can have the FHO, and lead a fairly normal life.  I promise to be a good boy if you give me a second chance at life.  

HUGS & KISSES to all that donated so I could have the FHO surgery!!  I was terrified that I would not get enough money raised to have my surgery but thanks to your generous donations I now have enough to get my surgery!!  Thanks again to all that donated for my surgery and I promise to update you on my condition as soon as I am home from the Doggy Hospital.  I am so excited I barely slept last night and I am getting my blanket and toys packed to take with me to the hospital.  I am suppose to spend the night and come home on April 29th I will update you then.  My grandma at the rescue promised me that she would let you all know how my surgery goes today. Update: Donny's surgery went well and had no complications.  He is expected to be released at 9 AM tomorrow to come home.  We will get pictures of him tomorrow. Update: Donny was released from the Care center at 11AM and came home.  He is doing as well as can be expected at this time. Update: As you can see from the pictures  I am quickly recovering from my surgery.  Dr. Schrader said on Monday I will need to start using my leg and will need physical therapy to build my muscle back up. Click here >>to see my pictures  Update: I am not doing as well as was expected.  I am refusing to use my leg at all!!!  My physical therapy will continue daily.  Update: I have done much better today!!  I have started to use my leg just a tiny bit which Dr. Schrader said was perfect!!!  I am such a good boy!!  Update May 12: Well I went back to see Dr. Schrader today and my stitches were removed and he checked my progress.  Unfortunately I have little muscle in my leg so he says it will take at least 6-8 months for me to recuperate from my surgery.  He said I need hydro therapy, unfortunately there is no place around us that I can receive this type of treatment.  Without hydro therapy treatment Dr. Schrader is not sure if I will ever get full use of my leg.  My Grandma at the rescue says that we have not come this far to stop now so we went and bought me a swimming pool today!!  It will arrive tomorrow!!  I will get some pictures taken as soon as we get my pool set up.  Grandma said something about robbing Peter to pay Paul?? Update May 13:  Well my pool fell through.  It turns out it was not quite deep enough (only 3 foot deep) so NOW the search begins to find me another pool this time at least 4 feet deep!! Update May 16: After much research, the idea of a commercial pool fell through, but the rescue will not be letting me down. They are going to build an in-ground pool!!  It will be 5 foot deep with a ramp for easy access.   Grandpa will start digging as soon as the weather permits. Unfortunately this is still not cheap, but Grandma says that it will help many other dogs in the future.   Grandma says we need a pump, filter and jets so that my pool will stay clean, as well as we need the material to line the pool. Update May 20: My recuperation is going slowly but we continue to exercise daily.  Unfortunately the weather has not cooperated at all!!! Please can you help me?  Update June 14: Well the pool is about half way done!!  It still needs the pump and filter that were donated to be hooked up and to put a deck or something around it.  Grandpa went to the store this evening to get parts needed to hook the pump up so shortly the pool will be 100%.  Grandma isn't as patient as me she decided we would give the pool a test run tonight.  There was one thing I did not understand about the pool!!  I thought I would just wade around in the water but NO I am expected to swim!!  The problem is I do not know how to swim, I ain't no Labrador Retriever!!!  Grandma just laughed at me and she told me she would teach me how to swim!!  So tonight I had my first swimming lesson!! Update June 22: Grandpa finally got all the pump hooked up now he is running the electric.  My grandma asked that he stop and take a couple of pictures so that I could share them with you.  I am getting real good at swimming!!  Click here >>to see me swim  Update July 1: Well I swim everyday at least once many days I swim twice but Grandma says I am too smart for my own good!!  She was so concerned about helping me learn to swim and making it fun that she did not notice that I was not using my bad leg.  Hey I am smart I learned to swim only using 3 legs!!!  Yes I do use it when I am running to dry off but not when I swim.  Now Grandma keeps and eye and me and makes me use my leg and that is not as much fun!!! Update July 14: Yesterday I got a great gift from the nice UPS man.  I now have a life jacket thanks to Kristina (a wonderful woman in Sweden).  I liked swimming before but NOW I love to go swimming!!  Grandma can't get me to come out now!!!  I can float now with my life jacket and even drink water while swimming!!  I even started playing with the floating toys that Kristina had sent.  I really can concentrate better now that I do not have to work on not sinking!!! Update July 21: I get to go swimming all the time and now enjoy playing with toys swimming. Click here>> to see more pictures of me!! Update August 1: I went to the vet last week and had a bunch of blood test and other test ran to see why I have not been gaining weight like I should.  I will have the results back by August 6.  Then on August 11th I get to go see Dr. Steve Schrader again to see if he is happy with how I am using my leg.  Grandma says that I still am not using my leg enough. Update August 12: Well my test results only showed a little infection in my stomach, not enough to cause my lack of ability to gain weight. All now are in agreement that I just do not keep my mind on eating because I would rather be playing. I am now on antibiotics to take care of my infection.  I also am now on Prednisone to increase my appetite and to also help with pain and inflammation in my hip.  We will try this for 2 weeks then they will evaluate me again.  Of course Dr. Schrader just had to agree with Grandma that I am not using my leg enough.  Update August 22: I am doing a lot better, I am eating better and using my leg more but NO that wasn't enough to make Grandma happy NOW I have to use a treadmill!!!  Plus I have to start going to the vets office to get weighed every week, so much for being a spoiled brat!!! Update August 25: I went to the vet yesterday and I have gained 6 pounds!!!  Grandma is so proud of me!!!  I also negotiated with my Grandma about using my leg more and swimming longer.  She now swims with me everyday for at least 1 hour and I will swim a couple of times during the day by myself, I also am helping her to vacuum the mud and stuff out of the pool.  I am learning some very cute stuff too!!  I now know how to get Grandma to hold me while I am resting in the pool.  When I get tired I climb in Grandma's arms like a 2 legged kid and okay last night I did fall asleep in her arms but hey I am a baby too ya know!!!  Grandma said she wished someone had been there to take my picture. Update August 26: Grandpa took pictures of me swimming tonight and I want to share them with you.  I swam and played for 1.5 hours tonight, okay so I did take a couple of breaks!!  Click here >>>for today's pictures. Update September 1:  I again went to the vet today to see if I had gained anymore weight and I am on a roll!!  I now weigh 101.7 a gain of almost 3 pounds!! Update September 17:  I have not been to the vet lately to get weighted due to the number of dogs needing medical attention but I plan to go this coming week so I can brag some more on how much I weigh!!  I continue to swim daily and play hard afterwards.  Unfortunately because of some guy called Ivan that has caused it to rain really hard here I probably will not get to go swimming today!  Update November 04: Well the pool is closed for the year!!  We were unable to find a heater and GOSH did that water get cold!!!  We have a solar cover for the pool but it still is not keeping the water warm enough for me to go swimming!  Now I have play time with Grandma she calls it my exercise time but I think it seems more like play!  I also have to use the treadmill, don't tell Grandma but I don't like that very much but it makes her happy so I walk on it!! Grandma said maybe next year we can get my pool enclosed so that we can swim year around!!  I sure hope so because I really miss going swimming!!  I guess I should also tell you all that I have only gained a tiny bit I now weigh 102. Update January 02: I know you all have been wondering why I have not written lately. Well I have been busy helping Grandma with Meeka's recovery and all the other sick/injured dogs in rescue. I have not gained anymore weight but I play as much as I can but that also did not help to build muscle in my leg like was wanted. I am not sure what the next step will be but I guess I will go back to see Dr. Schrader soon to see what he says. Until then I will just help Grandma with the chores at the rescue. I especially like helping with the other dogs treatments!! Update June 12: Time sure does fly when you stay busy at the rescue!! I went to see Dr. Lee Schrader last month and she said I bounce too much to gain weight!! She said I need to slow down in order to gain weight!! Well that ain't going to happen!! I love life too much to lay around!! Now for the fun part of my update!! I finally got to go for a swim today and it was GREAT!!! I jumped in the pool the other day but had to get out quick because Grandma was screaming at me! Well how was I to know they hadn't taken the cover off yet! Now we need a new cover for next winter because ours now has a big hole in it! Today though Grandma told me to get in the water and of course I gladly did as she asked!! The water was great and it felt great to swim and play in the water! I will see if I can get Grandma to take pictures tomorrow! Update June 15: Things have been a bit hectic at the rescue so Grandma has not had time to take my picture. Actually she has not had time to go swimming with me either but that is okay! I am a pro so I just go swimming by myself! I was getting Alex ready to take swimming yesterday but a storm came so we had to give up on swimming. Of course I can go by myself but Alex has to learn to swim which I plan on teaching him. 
Update June 21: Today I gave Alex his first swim lesson of course Grandma helped. He did okay but he kept panicking and I kept telling him to relax!! Tomorrow will be lesson number 2 and I can't wait!! It would be great to have someone that could swim more with me! It was nice today though because Grandma and I were in the pool for over 1 hour!!

Update July 24: I am happy to say I am no longer available for adoption!! I will stay here at the rescue and help Grandma teach the other dogs how to swim. I need to swim daily for therapy and grandma needs the help PLUS this is my family now. I have lived here for so long and been through so much with Grandma and Grandpa that it would break my heart to leave, and theirs too. So I have adopted the rescue and the rescue has adopted me!!!

  Oct. 2003

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