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Guinness II

Guiness II headshot

A good Samaritan saw that I was living in a vehicle in an apartment building parking lot, and called Montgomery County Animal Control. The temperatures during the day were in the single digits.

When the ACO (Animal Control Officer) arrived, she first observed that there were NO foot or paw prints in the snow surrounding the vehicle. She found me curled up inside the vehicle in a blanket desperately trying to stay warm. The stench of my feces could be smelled even though the closed doors and windows. When I stood up the ACO saw my emaciated body. She rated my condition as a 5 on the Tufts Animal Care and Condition Scale. The ACO immediately called for the police to come. They ran the license plates and were able to locate mv owner's mother, who in turn called my owner.  

While they were waiting for my owner to arrive, the ACO and the Police Officer removed me from the extremely wretched and squalid dungeon that had been my home. I immediately lunged desperately at the snow and gulped a huge mouthful. I could not remember the last time I had water or even snow to quench my thirst!! My 220 pound owner finally came out of the warm apartment where he had been living during the freezing winter weather. He claimed that his vehicle had broken down and that he had been unable to get it repaired.

The truth of my horrible life came out, though, as they ran my owner's name through the computer system. I had been impounded in the past for running at large, and in November it had been reported that I was living in this same vehicle at a different address. My owner claimed he had recently changed my food to a lesser quality food and that was why I was so emaciated. He also said that I would dump my water over. The ACO told my owner that I could not have gotten in this condition in a week. She advised him that she was taking me to a veterinarian.

When we arrived at the veterinarian's office it was determined that I was emaciated and extremely dehydrated. My weight was 75 pounds, and the vet stated a normal weight for a dog of my size should be at least 120 pounds.

After much debate between the ACO and the Director of the shelter, it was decided to force my owner into releasing me instead of pursuing cruelty and neglect charges. Their decision was made with my best interest in mind. They decided that I needed to be taken to Rescue where I could receive the proper medical and long term care that I so desperately needed. The sad reality is that my owner, who claimed he "loved" me but could not afford proper housing, food, and care for me, could come up with the money to pay any fines the court would inflict on him as he had done in the past, forcing the shelter to return me to the living Hell I had been enduring.

I want to thank the Montgomery County Animal Control for coming to my rescue and for their relentless efforts to ensure that I would not have to return to my owner. As soon as my owner signed the release HHGDR was contacted to come for me and in less then 24 hours I was at the Rescue.

I will not be ready for adoption for quite some time because I have to gain 40 to 50 pounds.

UPDATE 2/27/05: I have gained my weight and I no longer am worried about when and where I will get my next meal!! As you can see from the bottom 2 pictures I am a very handsome man now!!

Adoptable Great Dane -- Guinness II close up of emaciated body

Adoptable Great Dane -- Guinness II close up of emaciated body

Adoptable Great Dane -- Guinness II trotting in snow


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Adoption Pending!

Date of Birth: 10/2002
Description: male, black with white markings, cropped ears
HHGDR Suggests: Obedience Class
Good With: Dogs, Adults, Children, Cats


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