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Feeding Your Dog

Probably the one aspect of dog ownership and care that is the most misunderstood is that of proper nutrition. Not too many years ago dogs were fed exclusively from the table, and many of them seemed to thrive. Those were the ones who were lucky enough to receive, by chance, approximately the proper ratio of protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, and minerals. People remember those dogs that lived to a ripe, old age and tend to forget the extremely high puppy death rate and the many dogs that died young due to nutrition-related problems.

With the coming of modern food processing techniques and research into dog nutrition, there are available many completely nutritious, prepackaged diets in a variety of forms. We no longer need to feed our pets in a haphazard manner from the table.

Many people feel that dogs need some variety in their diet, but the fact is that dogs thrive on monotony in their diets. Dogs can be taught by us to love variety in their diets, but this is entirely unnecessary. This is how a number of feeding related behavior problems arise. Among these problems are begging (especially from the table), extreme finickiness, and obesity.

Obesity is probably the most common nutritional problems seen in pet dogs. The source of the problem is simple -- the dog is receiving too many calories for its energy needs. This is as harmful for your dog as it can be for you. A dog of normal weight can often be expected to outlive its obese counterpart by as much as 40 percent.

Medical problems associated with obesity include; diabetes, heart problems, arthritis, heart stress, liver disease, and increased risk when anesthetized.

Dogs with various health problems and at different stages of their lives require different diets. With very few exceptions, these are all readily available. If you are in doubt about the nutritional requirements of your pet, consult your veterinarian.

Adult large and giant breed dogs should be fed twice or three times a day. Premium foods  are recommended. There is no difference between dry food and canned food other than the moisture content. It is much more economical to feed dry food.

Example of quality of food:  This example is of a canned food analysis, yes it is extreme, but definitely to the point.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein...................10.0%
Crude Fat.........................06.5%
Crude Fiber.......................02.4%

This is an example of the ingredients that this canned food could be made of and get this analysis.

4 Pairs of old leather work boots
1 Gallon of used crankcase oil
1 Pail of coal, crushed
68 Pounds of water

Scary isn't it??????  Remember you get what you pay for!!!

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